Microsoft Event Photo Gallery

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 23 Comments

Here are some photos of the new Surface hardware announced today in New York. Sorry, no Neo or Duo. 🙁

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro X

Surface Earbuds

Surface mice

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Comments (23)

23 responses to “Microsoft Event Photo Gallery”

  1. mebby

    Thanks for the pics Paul. I guess they did not have the Duo and Neo on tables for ya'll to look at.

  2. frostywinnipeg

    Are the screen ratio's still 3:2? Looks wider in the pictures.

  3. genecrispr

    Any new Ergonomic keyboards? (without Alcantara)?

  4. jwpear

    Would love to see how the hard drive removal works with the Surface Laptop. Any photos or videos of this?

  5. nbplopes

    I must say that if Pano's did not push the boundaries of his own pleasure in hearing his voice so much he would come across more credible. Steve Jobs credible. Instead at points it looks like he his selling some kind of snake oil.

    For instance, his fake anxiety on presenting a "product"s still under development, year(s) ahead, when it's not an uncommon procedure of him ... including releasing products that should still be in beta, puts everything in jeopardy. He loves to be on stage, be at the center of attention. Why pretend otherwise? I mean this constructively. Every year he over tells the story. "When you ever seen a PC answering a phone call coming from a smartphone?" I guess he meant Windows, the quiet crowd ...

    I did like the metaphor he used to explain the importance of a well designed keyboard. Something that, we know whom (Apple), seam to have forgotten, ... if not design itself.

    I like the looks of the new Surface Laptop, especially the 15". There is not much new in the Surface Pro line, it seams to be a simple update, novelty bring the USB-C support. Ok, earpieces, 3 years ago would be interesting ... but ...

    Now the prototypes ...

    The idea behind Surface Neo it's interesting. If they pull it very very well its a winner. Still I have more questions than answers. For instance, how will it balance while standing on the desk with or without the keyboard? The distracted may have not noticed, but they did not demoed it while standing on the desk (it was rendered fake images). On another note, it seamed to have huge bezels on top and at the bottom and the screen did not look that good either. Finally the UI ... will be interesting to see how smart it will be in guessing where the other app should be open.

    The Duo ... display looked under the par. Again huge bezels. I guess that was not even a working phone. Don't know if I will like a bar in the middle dividing the screen, to make things worst, if it is of bad quality. Let's be honest ... Surface Studio display is not that good.

    In sum. I feel excited by the fact they are trying new form factors, to solve problems. Trying to push the boundaries, lovely. But than I look at my personal history with MS and ... I'll see it when there is unequivocally something to see in line with commercial spiel. I would love to see that!

  6. sj3vans

    I don't follow rumors about what's coming so I did not know at all about the Neo or Duo. I guess its sort of like how I don't like to watch movie trailers for a movie I know I'm going to watch. So when he announced the Neo, I was surprised and really excited. He had me. They did a masterful job at the build up and the delivery. And how could there possibly be more? Then the Duo. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster! Was it just me or did he almost tear up when he introduced the Duo? I'm trying not to think of it as a phone because that would be a very big phone. And who holds one up to their head anyway? But as a hybrid communication device that gives you the full power of windows (and Android) in your pocket...that might be something! All it needs to be downright perfect would be easy docking to a couple nice monitors and a full size keyboard/mouse.

    Sorry...still drunk on the cool-aid!

  7. madthinus

    I think Surface Book is toast.

  8. Jester

    That's so embarrassing MS showing there premium hardware with Windows 10 ads plastered all over.

  9. pesos

    ugh the bezels though

  10. beckerrt

    This... this was a pretty exciting event. They brought the thunder!

  11. BrianEricFord

    Did Microsoft lose a bet with the manufacturer of alcantara because it’s the only reason I can think of that would explain the decision to stick with it as a material for laptops.

    Our company offers them as an option and they look GROSS after a couple months of use. I mean that from both an aesthetic and hygienic point of view.


      In reply to BrianEricFord:

      You should find that if you practice healthy and proper hygene that Alcantara is wonderful and remains as clean as you are. The hygene starts with you, not the Alcantara.

    • rmlounsbury

      In reply to BrianEricFord:

      The only mistake Microsoft ever made was to not offer it as an option surface instead of making it standard on their Surface Laptop line when that device first came out.

      I like the Alacantara surface more than a cold metal surface. There certainly is some upkeep with such a surface though.

    • jgraebner

      In reply to BrianEricFord:

      I've had the Alcantara type cover for the Surface Go for nearly a year now and it still looks fine, even though I use it all the time (including during lunch).

      • Chris Blair

        In reply to jgraebner:

        That's my experience too. The Alcantara on my SP5 keyboard is easy to clean when needed, and still looks essentially new after two years of almost daily use. Given the choice, I'd buy another Alcantara keyboard again instead of one with a metal or plastic "surface."

  12. badboz66

    Its really funny there is a chrome icon on the Surface Pro X.

  13. jtdwab

    You got to ask Brad about Eating a Hat base on the phone release to see what he says.

  14. greedy09

    Already whining and complaining in the comments... ?‍♂️