Microsoft Surface Duo Spotted Out in the World (Now with Video)

Posted on February 9, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Mobile with 54 Comments

Update: As several have noted in the comments and forums, there is a video available now as well. –Paul

A Twitter user snapped a photo of someone using a preproduction Surface Duo on a commuter train in Vancouver. Naturally, everyone is overthinking this.

“Hey, not sure if interesting, but I just saw a guy in Vancouver’s SkyTrain playing around with Surface Duo,” Israel Rodriguez tweeted. Got photos and videos.”

Not sure if it’s interesting. Hilarious.

The still image he posted shows a Surface Duo in a person’s hands. Completely meeting my expectations, that person is only using one of its displays. The other just shows the Android home screen.

He’s also propping up one side of the device on his leg, no doubt because using the surprisingly large-looking device with one hand would be difficult. But you can clearly see the thickness of the device, plus the hinge in the middle. It seems like more a tablet than a phone, frankly.

Some bloggers—who approach such photos as a cryptozoologist does a purported photo of Bigfoot—believe they see a flash on the top of one display. That’s because Microsoft never discussed whether it would even have a front-facing camera and, well, we gotta over-analyze the details. I agree it looks like one.

We’re also hearing the first rumors that Surface Duo might even ship sooner than expected. That is, sometime in the first half of the year instead of for the holiday season. If that’s the case, I’ll further guess that the first release will be for developers. And what the heck, Microsoft is hosting its annual Build developer show in May.

You gotta dream.

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