Surface Laptop Studio Specs and Photo Gallery

Posted on September 22, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 38 Comments

Surface Laptop Studio replaces Surface Book and provides a 14.4-inch Flow touch display and Intel Core H-series processors.


Display. 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow multi-touch display with 2400 x 1600 resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio, up to 120 Hz refresh rate, and Dolby Vision support.

Processors. Quad-core 11th-generation Intel Core H35 i5-11300H or H35 i7-11370H with Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Dedicated graphics. The i7 models for consumers include NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti laptop graphics with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR6 memory. The i7 models for commercial customers include NVIDIA RTX A2000 laptop graphics with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR6 graphics memory.

RAM. 16 or 32 GB of LPDDR4x RAM.

Storage. 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB, or 2TB SSD (removable).

Battery. Up to 19 hours Core i5) or 18 hours (Core i7).

Connectivity. Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax, Bluetooth Wireless 5.1.

Expansion. Two Thunderbolt 4/USB 4.0  ports, 3.5mm headphone jack, Surface Connect port.

Security. Windows Hello facial recognition, TPM 2.0.

Camera. 1080p front-facing webcam.

AV. Dual far-field Studio Mics, four Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Atmos.

Power. 65-watt power supply (Core i5 models) or 102-watt power supply (Core i7 models), both with USB-A charging port.

Size. 12.7 x 9 x 0.7-inches.

Weight. 3.83 pounds (Core i5 models) or 4 pounds (Core i7 models).

OS. Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro, or Windows 10 Pro.


These photos were provided by Microsoft.

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Comments (38)

38 responses to “Surface Laptop Studio Specs and Photo Gallery”

  1. lezmaka

    Price: Many

  2. IanYates82

    Reminds me a bit of the acer r7 I used to use. Tilting screen, etc.

    Surprising they couldn't still keep one USB-A port in this. Having one on the laptop is still super useful. I don't know anyone who has a usb-c flash drive but everyone has many usb-a drives. That's the style you'll be given by a random co-worker to plug in to your pc and retrieve some files...

  3. remc86007

    The lack of VRAM is a massive mistake on this. It's actually worse than the SB3.

  4. gandalforce

    Lol the picture of the guy gaming... like really? *squints*

  5. kevinskessinger

    Can you charge through the usb-c ports or do you have to use Surface Connect? I can charge through both usb-c and surface connect on my Go 2, so I'm guessing the answer is yes, but Microsoft....

  6. whistlerpro

    The SD-card reader was a big reason (alongside the USB-A ports) that I bought a Surface Book 2 over a MacBook Pro back in 2018. With the rumours that the new MacBook Pro will have its SD card reader restored, and now nothing to be seen on the Surface Studio Laptop - time to switch back?

  7. straker135

    No charging dock for a MS Slim Pen? Seems like a missed opportunity. Real world battery life maybe 9 to 11 hours? That’s more useful. I bet nobody ever gets the 18 or 19 quoted. How do companies get away with the claims?

    • CaymanDreamin

      The slim pen magnetically attaches under the front lip of the device and charges there.

    • wpcoe

      I can't find the page again, but someplace on the site I did see an optional charging cable for the new pen. If I find it again, and if I remember *this* page I'll post the URL.

    • lvthunder

      The pen attaches and charges from underneath the device.

      • straker135

        Thanks guys I see the pen under the trackpad now. That is kinda neat leaving the keyboard top clean. But that will mean the pen is outside the device when the lid is closed. On the other hand when in studio mode a user will want the pen docked outside. The design team have worked overtime on this methinks

  8. curtisspendlove

    I look forward to the reviews on these. I’ve stayed away from the Surface line based largely on negative reliability (read online and from a few people IRL).

    But this is exactly what MS should be doing with Surface.

    I hope you get review units, Paul! :)


  9. bats

    Not bad of a line of new products. I doubt that it's going to sell well, because Microsoft products never do, but overall I like it.

  10. blue77star

    Why not 8 core Tiger Lake?

    • wright_is

      Probably because of the TDP. They use ~45W, the H35s used in this design ~25W.

      That would mean significantly shorter battery life and and much more heat generation. They probably couldn't build it into such a slim design. The case would be much thicker and less usable.

  11. nbplopes

    I like the way the display works. I think they may have nailed it this time.

    Wish the OS was macOS / Touch and the CPU/GPU the M1. That way would get rid of that hump vent at the back, just keeping the top … kind of looks like a MacBook that part. Anyway none of this exists so …

    Great watching MS innovating laptop forms.


  12. robincapper

    Current SB2 owner. Love the spec but what this form factor can not do is be a large light tablet. Maybe one of the few who us it like this for consumption and sharing photos.

    It can go flat but who's going to use a 4lb tablet?

  13. jgraebner

    Thinking about it more since yesterday, I do find myself seriously considering getting one of these, but I really want to see one in person first. While the weight is similar to my SB2, this design will probably distribute that weight better, which may make this a lot more manageable than the really top heavy Surface Book.

    I doubt I will pre-order one, and I kind of suspect they won't be hard to come by post-launch, but I probably will go over and take a close look once my local Best Buy has them in stock. I wish the local Microsoft Store still existed...

  14. lvthunder

    What's the difference between the two graphics cards does anyone know? Also, can anyone be a commercial customer or do you have to jump through some hoops to become one?

    • RobertJasiek

      Both GPUs emphasise modest TDP. I think they differ mostly by what kind of software runs equally or faster on either. Consider your needed software and then inform yourself carefully which GPU is faster for your usage. It might be either. I think that the days of GPU drivers being decisive are over. Consider CUDA, Raytracing and Tensor cores as different software profits more from different cores. The amount of VRAM might be essential for your application, ensure you get enough for your usage. Furthermore, the cooling solution is crucial and strongly affects speed of either GPU; await tests on that for both models.

  15. davepete

    I like the way it converts from laptop to tablet -- but that huge vent shelf under the thing is ghastly. I know it's not Microsoft's fault, and the product shots do their best to hide it, but the chip manufacturers really need to up their game.

  16. wolters

    I've pretty much used Surface Book since the first model and have owned all 3. I am interested in this for sure but not sure if it is worth the upgrade over my SB 3 15", 32GB RAM and 1TB Storage.

    • lvthunder

      It mostly depends on how hard you push it and if the thermals are better in the Laptop Studio. I use my Book 3 in what they call studio mode when I'm working on pictures in Photoshop and the thing gets really hot. I read they didn't put a fan in the Book 3 like there was in the original. I have the smaller one though. Maybe the bigger one doesn't get as hot.

  17. epsjrno

    This is a beautiful machine...

  18. thalter

    Looks a lot like an older Macbook sitting on a cheap laptop cooler, but the rotating screen is hella slick and (more importantly) useful.

    • will

      Yea, the bottom “laptop cooler” part is kinda odd. I know they could have tried lots of design options but something a little more tapered might have been better.

      • jwpear

        I agree. I wish they had either tapered or just had the bottom come out to the edge of top of the base. It just looks odd. Seems like it would feel odd in the hand too when holding or grabbing the machine.

        It's interesting there were no stock photos of the bottom to show us clearly how big this offset is.

        I have been looking at replacing my SB and am debating between a SL and this. I hate to give up the tablet capability even though I don't use my SB in that mode nearly as much as I use it as a laptop. So SLS looks interesting. I don't need the dedicated graphics of SB3. As I get older, I do like the slimness and lightness of the SL. The SLS in an i5 ticks my needs, but the weight, thickness, and that shelf give me pause.

  19. jgraebner

    Love the form-factor on this, but I wish it were lighter. I guess that's just physics, though. :) Obviously, this is prioritizing power over portability.

    Torn between whether to replace my 15-inch Surface Book 2 with this or, possibly, switch to a Surface Pro 8. I need to look closely at my workflow, but I do feel like I'm only using a small percentage of the capabilities of the SB2 these days. More portability might fit my needs better.

    • wpcoe

      Agreed about the weight. Two pound SP8 vs four pound Laptop Studio is a noticeable difference on your shoulder in a laptop bag. I've been eagerly awaiting the SP8, but when I saw the Laptop Studio, I wondered if it would be better. Until I saw the weight spec. (Not saying it's too heavy for a laptop in general, just heavy when being considered vs a Surface Pro.)

      • seattlemike

        My thoughts exactly! 4lbs. these days is A LOT!

        • Daishi

          Can you point out the similarly specced machines in the market that are significantly lighter than that?

          The ones that come to mind for me (Zephyrus G14, Razer Blade 14) are essentially the same weight and don't have touch screens, so I'm curious what you're comparing it to.

    • solomonrex

      For all that thickness and venting I'm not sure it will outperform an m1/m1x ipad, are you?

      I think we need to get out of that mindset, based on what we've been seeing from Apple's ARM stuff and software stack, which is clearly leagues ahead now. MS released new devices, what they needed to release is a plan etched in stone tablets from the mountaintop to catch up on hardware and software.

  20. nickel

    I'm a bit torn on this, it looks beautiful, and the new screen set up would be great for a lot of how I use it over my 15" Surface Book 2, but the smaller screen and lower resolution makes me wonder, as does the loss of a SD card slot, and one less port.... If it had the SD card reader, usb-C on both sides, and 3 USB ports total (preferably 2 C and 1 A, as sometimes you just have that older device you need to use and don't want to connect a hub or adapter, but 3 C would work... 4 ports would be even better), it would be a lot nicer for me and my creative workflow... when at home or office docks and hubs are fine, but one day when things are better and I'm comfortable being back to editing and working at coffee shops or while traveling, having more i/o and less adapters and stuff to lug around and pull out and pack up would be nice...

    • derylmccarty

      I went through the same thinking process when I got the Laptop 4. How am I going to live without a couple of Cs and an A? The answer is a dock 2 (at least) with everything coming into the Surface Connect port and then one of the 2 C ports gets to feed a medium-sized 4K LG flat screen. The dock also takes care of the earbud charger and the newish Surface webcam. I ordered the Studio today and don't see any problem that the dock can't handle as now is the case. What I wonder is, will the TB4 port rated at about 40Gb bandwidth (??) handle a 120hz refresh for a 3840x2160 HDR set up. Or will I have to downrate and select a 60-90hz refresh? I am not a gamer nor do I do graphics so I should be ok, but...

      • nickel

        Dock are fine at home/office, my concern is on the go, especially on the go. The tb4/usb4 ports specs req the 40gbps for data, and to support via a dock 2 4k displays at 60hz or 1 8k at 60hz, thus 1 4k at 120 is just fine (same amount of bandwith). The graphics are an improvement, but the display while faster is lower resolution and pixel density. With the book 2 and 3 the density was in the 260dpi range, this is 201.. without seeing it I don't know if to my eyes how it will be, it may be just fine, or it may be like noooo I miss my old. It also is one of those things where I'm sure what you are doing on it plays a role as well on how much or if you notice the difference

        • wspaw

          I ordered one, as I'll have to lay eyes on the screen next to my SB2 to determine if I'll be able to tolerate that kind of drop in DPI.

          MS Store has free returns.

  21. navarac

    Not available in the UK until "Early 2022".

    In other words "Buy another brand"!