Microsoft Debuts First Surface Book Commercial

Posted on October 9, 2015 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Surface with 0 Comments

Surface Book
Microsoft has kicked off its official marketing campaign for the Surface Book with the debut of the first commercial. The thirty-second ad spot is destined for the cable networks and is intended to introduce the new device and highlight a few of the key features.

The Surface Book, according to Microsoft, is the ultimate laptop and that’s the name of its first commercial. The company used this term over and over again when describing the device at the keynote and in its marketing material, so it’s not a big surprise to see this tagline show up in its advertisements. The laptop has a few unique features including dual-GPU support, a custom hinge and best-in-class support for inking.

The commercial highlights both productivity and creative scenarios for using the device but the primary focus is showing how the screen detaches from the body. It’s not until end of the advertisement that you get a clear shot of what the device looks like with the body and screen attached.

This advertisement is how Microsoft plans to introduce the product and the new brand to the consumer, so it’s not a surprise that it isn’t heavy on specs or unique features aside from the obvious screen detaching. It’s fully expected that Microsoft will start running other advertisements in the near future that highlight other aspects of the device as the company works to build momentum for the release which is happening on October 26th.

If you want a closer look at the new Surface Book, check out our gallery here and for a full preview of the device, you can find that information here.

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