Surface Book Tip: Register Your Device and Optionally Extend Its Warranty

Surface Book Tip: Register Your Device and Optionally Extend Its Warranty

Once you’re up and running with your new Surface Book, you should consider registering it with Microsoft so you’re ready should you ever need to request service or an accessory replacement. You should also consider extending the warranty from one year to two.

Register your Surface Book

I’m not sure why Microsoft doesn’t provide a way to register a new Surface Book during initial setup, but you can easily register the device on the web. You will need to sign-in with your Microsoft account and provide your name and some other basic contact information. You will also need to supply your Surface Book serial number.

Microsoft recommends that you read this number off of the bottom of the device’s screen, near the Surface Connect port. But there’s an easier way: Run the Surface app that comes with your device and navigate to the Support page (using the smiley icon on the left). You will find your serial number right there and can even copy it to the clipboard so you can cut and paste it into the support web site.


When you do, your Surface Book will appear on the Surface Online Service Center (alongside other Surface devices, if you own any) and let you know when your warranty expires.


From here, you can also request service, replace an accessory, and learn more about the Microsoft Complete extended warranty (if you’re within 45 days of purchase). Speaking of which….

Extend the warranty

Your Surface Book is covered by a one-year limited warranty, covering hardware defects and malfunctions, and 90 days of free technical support for preinstalled software, Microsoft says. If you don’t feel this is enough coverage for such an expensive device, you’re not alone. But Microsoft does let you extend your warranty coverage under a plan called Microsoft Complete.

Microsoft Complete costs $250 and provides the following:

  • Two years of technical support from the experts at the Microsoft Answer Desk for Surface.
  • An additional year of limited warranty coverage.
  • Accidental damage protection—even from drops and spills. Note that there is a deductible for accidental damage claims and a limit of two claims.

You can add Complete up to 45 days after your initial purchase. But if you don’t buy it at the time of purchase, you will need to bring your device to a Microsoft retail store for inspection and processing.


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