Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 29 Comments

Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Microsoft will hold its long-awaited Windows 10 event on Wednesday. But some recent trademark applications may have ruined one surprise: That Surface all-in-one PC is almost certainly called Surface Studio.

That name first came to light a month ago, courtesy of Mary Jo Foley, who wrote that “Cardinal”—the code name for the Surface AIO—would “be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into ‘a studio’.” But now it’s been confirmed.

The Trademark Ninja reported today that a Microsoft shell company in Slovenian recently trademarked Surface Laptop and Paint 3D. And the software giant, he says, is also behind trademarks for three new terms: Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and Dial. (Someone alert the soap company.)

Surface Studio is of course the Surface AIO, Cardinal.

Surface Dial—and plain ol’ Dial—are a bit more mysterious. Some believe this to be Surface phone—get it, dial a phone—while others think it is tied to the radial software menu that used to grace OneNote for Windows, and could be a new form of interface on the Surface Studio related to creative/3D functions.

Well, we’ll know soon enough.

I’ll be covering Wednesday’s event live on with Leo Laporte and Ed Bott. So stayed tuned!


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