Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 29 Comments

Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Microsoft will hold its long-awaited Windows 10 event on Wednesday. But some recent trademark applications may have ruined one surprise: That Surface all-in-one PC is almost certainly called Surface Studio.

That name first came to light a month ago, courtesy of Mary Jo Foley, who wrote that “Cardinal”—the code name for the Surface AIO—would “be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into ‘a studio’.” But now it’s been confirmed.

The Trademark Ninja reported today that a Microsoft shell company in Slovenian recently trademarked Surface Laptop and Paint 3D. And the software giant, he says, is also behind trademarks for three new terms: Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and Dial. (Someone alert the soap company.)

Surface Studio is of course the Surface AIO, Cardinal.

Surface Dial—and plain ol’ Dial—are a bit more mysterious. Some believe this to be Surface phone—get it, dial a phone—while others think it is tied to the radial software menu that used to grace OneNote for Windows, and could be a new form of interface on the Surface Studio related to creative/3D functions.

Well, we’ll know soon enough.

I’ll be covering Wednesday’s event live on with Leo Laporte and Ed Bott. So stayed tuned!


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Comments (29)

29 responses to “Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event”

  1. 223

    Could Surface Dial be a new take on a smartwatch? 

  2. 483

    I definitely think the Surface Dial is a hardware device (or has a hardware component to it). We've seen a Settings page for this in earlier builds of Windows 10, even though it has since been mostly removed. The settings page referred to it as the 'Wheel' and should in time be accessible when you press WIN + R and type 'ms-settings:wheel'.

    Related to that the Windows API now contains a RadialController class that, quote, 'Represents a specialized input device or accessory.'. Windows 10 contains a lot of references to that radial controller. From that we can see it can be paired and has haptics. So it must be a hardware device.

  3. 7100

    In reply to jr.flynn: just curious but do you really think that there are only .1% of creatives both profesional and non-profesional that use Windows hardware. I'd like to think there are more, and with the tools easily avaible whatever percentage there actually is would vastly increase.

    Better to have the option of a pen, or desk like touch surface than not.

    With that said, I am a profesional artist who has a Surface Book and doesn't detach the screen to draw nearly as much as I expected to. Though, I blame my aging eyes, and the discovery of 3D Modeling in recent years. Still occuationally, I've used my Surface Book to sketch out some roughs on the fly before heading into Adobe Illustrator finish the project with mouse and keyboard (Old habits die hard).


  4. 5530

    Waiting for Karma777police to come here and be like "This will be a sh*t because it will run Windows 10, UWP is DOA and Microsoft should give up and give us Windows 7 SP2"

    • 6062

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      So what you're saying is Karma777police and Paul are the same person?

    • 5554

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      Newsflash : UWP *is* DOA.  Now that MS has abandoned Windows Mobile, there's no reason for UWP aka WinRT10 to exist. It's just a nuisance for desktop users. 

      • 5530

        In reply to PeteB:

        so you're saying Microsoft doesn't need a modern app platform for the PC? Come on now. UWP didn't exist just for phones. I guess you could say phones were a big reason, but it wasn't the sole reason.

      • 5611

        In reply to PeteB:

        How do I create an app for Xbox One? UWP.

        How do I create an app for HoloLens? UWP.

        How do I create an app for IoT? UWP.

        How can I write a game which runs on both PC and Xbox One? UWP.

        How about if I want to write an app which runs on HoloLens and PC? UWP.

        What about future devices? Yup - UWP.

        So, basically, if you think UWP is a nuisance, just don't use it. But don't start spouting bullshit about UWP.

  5. 5623

    If that's it I might skip the event after all

  6. 7124

    Surface Dial is obviously a Nest themostat clone. 8-D

  7. 1475

    Kind of a stupid name on Surface Dial though - does remind me of soap. :)

  8. 3884

    Exciting times - seems to me the 'Dial' could be a virtual radial menu and the 'Surface Dial' something similar to a 3D mouse perhaps?

    As for the Studio itself, I'm still hoping against hope that there's a version that's just a monitor - my SP4 has replaced my desktop already, just like Microsoft said it could. All it needs is a decent monitor to connect to that has pen and multi-touch input.

    Also considering price of these things - if there's a monitor only option it'll be a heck of a lot more relatively "affordable" than one that includes a GPU/dock for SP4 or a full PC crammed in the base.

  9. 5486

    I'll reserve judgement, but it's just going to be another premium priced mac wanna-be - I think we can see that already. 'Turn you desk into a studio' - really? No, I don't think so. A desk is a desk, and this will just be another PC to sit on that desk (if you can afford it). I wonder if the screen detaches into one GIANT tablet. That would be stupidly cool.

  10. 5553

    Dial is the soap they will use to clean up this mess.

  11. 4964

    If, and it is a big if, Surface Studio is a high end multi-touch pen enabled 'digital drawing board' running enough graphics grunt to power high end CAD/Graphics software that would be interesting. Going to take more than the Surface Book config in a monitor format to do that though.

  12. 5510

    Okay, I am officially excited for the Surface Studio. If Surface Dial is the name for the phone, then I think it's stupid. They should name it something like this "Surface Cel" or "Surface Cell"

  13. 5027

    That design does suggest you can't remove the screen but fold it backwards to get a nice drawing table at a perfect angle, perfect for artists, and if good enough remove the need for an expensive wacom products like for instance the Cintiq  But at the same time it would also be a great all-in-one for someone who just wants a big screen and a clean desk. 

    And regarding the 'Dial' name , notice the "remote control" like device for the Wacom tablet, why is that not just an onscreen function, and that kind of looks like a dial in the middle also right? :)   I'm really hoping this is what they will show off this wednesday 


  14. 6956

    Oh would you look at that! It's a studio computer that folds up. Smart!

  15. 442

    The soap company doesn't need to worry.  Court cases have sided only when the product is in similar markets.  I think there is enough difference between soap and computers :P