Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Dial are Now Available

Posted on November 10, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 16 Comments

Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Dial are Now Available

Microsoft’s Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Dial are now available for purchase. But Surface Dial is already sold out.

The Surface Book with Performance Base is a set of new Surface Book models that include Core i7 processors, bigger batteries, and a new 2 GB dGPU. The Surface Dial, which works with Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4, is a new accessory that will be typically be used in tandem with Surface Pen on those devices.

“The Surface Book with Performance Base was specifically designed for those people who want more,” Microsoft corporate vice president Panos Panay explains. “More rendering power, faster framerates, and additional battery life.”

The Performance Base part of these new Surface Book models tells the story: The keyboard is raised at an angle when compare to the base on other Surface Books, providing room for more battery and for the new dGPU, which features 2 GB of RAM. (Where the other models have a slower version with just 1 GB of RAM.) Microsoft claims that the new Performance Base versions of Surface Book provide twice the graphics processing power of previous models while extending battery life from 10 hours to 16.

“That’s 60 percent more battery life than the new MacBook Pro 13,” Mr. Panay points out. Though I think that undercuts the advantages. And ignores the price difference, which is actually in Apple’s favor this time: Surface Book with Performance Base starts at $2400 and maxes out at $3300, depending on configuration.

On that note, Microsoft is also extending its offer to Mac customers that would like to upgrade to Surface. You can now do so with big savings through November 23.

Surface Dial, meanwhile, costs $99 and is available in the US only, and Microsoft says it is “prioritizing inventory” for those customers who preordered the accessory itself or a Surface Studio. Which means it may be a while before you actually see one out in the world. “Due to strong demand, we have sold out of our initial inventory and are temporarily out of stock of Surface Studio and Surface Dial,” Panay confirms. “We are continuing to take pre-orders for Dial for delivery later this year and for Surface Studio for delivery in early 2017.”


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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Dial are Now Available”

  1. 2149

    Woo hoo! I preordered a Surface Dial, but I didn't expect them to be sold out. I'm very interested in the potential applications of the dial, and really hope developers get on board.

    • 5767

      In reply to PhilipVasta:

      Come on dude. You know by now that 'sold out' means MS made very few units to create a false sense of popularity. 

      • 4800

        In reply to MutualCore:

        That doesn't make any sense.  It is cheaper to make more copies at a time.  All it means is they got more orders than they were expecting.  No one likes having people wanting to buy something and they can't.  That gives them more time to give their money to someone else.

        • 5767

          In reply to lvthunder:

          Nope. Ever since the Surface RT $900 million write-down Microsoft is uber-conservative with new products. So I bet with Surface Studio + Dial they under-produced.

  2. 6988

    awesome, will pick up Dial this afternoon at the store for to use with SP4

  3. 914

    I wonder if Dial or Studio will have people selling them at inflated prices to be able to get one first outside of pre-orders?

  4. 5012

    US only for the Dial... as usual.

  5. 5714

    Apple's new MacBook Pro outsold all other similar devices (including the SurfaceBook) in just five days.

    That is an amazing statistic...if its true.  I was under the impression that no-one wanted the new MacBook Pro.  I guess I was wrong.

  6. 5240

    Awesome -- that $3399 was really burning a hole in my pocket! All I have to do is sell my car, house and any chance at a stable financial future, and I can afford one of these bad boys!

  7. 4800

    My Dial shows a ships by 11/17 date and I ordered it about 4 or 5 days after the event.

    • 250

      In reply to lvthunder:

      I ordered a Dial at the same time I ordered the Studio, and both still show a 12/15 release date. I am awaiting delivery today of the ergonomic Surface keyboard, which hasn't been mentioned in the new releases from Microsoft but was dated 11/10 when I ordered it -- so they are delivering it to me on the release date, as they have with past purchases of new devices. I'll be interested to see if the Dial shows up a month before the Studio. I'm guessing not, since the purchase of the Studio is what got me the Dial as a freebie, and I can't imagine they'd run the risk of having me cancel the Studio (not that I would) after shipping the Dial.

  8. 1108

    According to the Microsoft store, the 512 version is sold out now too.

  9. 364

    my dial arrived today, now to test it out and bring it into my workflow :)

  10. 5767

    What will the Surface Dial do for a normal Windows 10 PC?

  11. 8433

    I checked with my local Microsoft store on November 10 to see if they had any Dials in stock and they told me I could pre-order it online with a release date of December 15. So I happened to be at the mall last night (November 14) and happen to ask about them at the Microsoft Store and one of the workers that they had a whole sleeve in stock, whatever that means. So I bought one and hooked it up to my Surface Pro 4 last night and played around with it. I am an artist, so for some of those reasons it makes the most sense, but I also love technology and I thought it is a pretty innovative accessory.