Images of Windows 10 for Phones and Small Tablets Leak

Posted on February 6, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 0 Comments

Sometime this month, Microsoft will release a version of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for smart phones and small tablets. With excitement over this release growing, you won’t be surprised to know there have been a number of leaks of shots depicting this release. And you will further be unsurprised to discover it looks exactly like a melding of Windows and Windows Phone should look.

To truly understand what’s happening here, you need to really understand both Windows 10 and Windows Phone. Looks like my dedication to both is really paying off.

Here’s what we can see so far.

China-based ITHome is the source of these leaks. The first two shots are not interesting, and they just show the new universal Sound Recorder app. But this app is in WTP2 in identical form, so I’ll just show that.


Ditto for the Alarms app, which again is available in the desktop/tablet versions of WTP2 now.


More interesting is this shot, which shows three Windows 10 screens on a smart phone.


Here we see the following:

Update successful. A standard Windows Phone update install screen, in this case for Windows 10 Technical Preview 2.

Action Center with expanded Quick Actions. As in desktop/tablet versions of Windows 10, you can expand the Quick Actions in Action Center to see more actions.

Settings. And yes this is almost exactly the same as the universal Settings app in WTP2.

Also of interest is this set of shots of the All Apps screen, which is getting a nice update in Windows 10. Sadly, the leakers don’t show the only interesting thing happening here, which is a Recent Apps section at the top.


Finally, here’s the money shot: The new Windows 10 Start screen for phones and small tablets. Looks familiar. Looks right.


Soon, people. Soon. 🙂

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