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    What’s Up with Windows 10 Technical Preview 2?

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    UPDATE: Microsoft has responded, sort of, to criticism that it is not moving quickly enough to release new Windows 10 preview builds. Honestly, this post doesn’t say much, nor does it express the timing for a second build this calendar year. –Paul In January, Microsoft promised that it would deliver Windows 10 preview builds in 2015 […]


    Windows Phones Heading to Intel in 2015

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    Here’s a phrase you don’t hear very often: Smart phones with Intel processors. But if Intel’s next-generation Atom x3/5/7 processor series takes off as expected, we could be seeing a lot more of the microprocessor giant’s technologies in our phones. And a key part of this strategy, believe it or not, is Windows 10 for […]


    Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones: Day 2

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    Yesterday, I offered up some first impressions of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones. But now that I’ve been able to spend some more time with this preview, I have some more observations about how Microsoft is making Windows Phone even better in this release. Just a few items of interest so far… Cursor […]


    Yes, Windows 10 is Coming to Low-End Windows Phones

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    Microsoft has been backpedaling somewhat on its promise to deliver Windows 10 on “all” Lumia handsets, a statement that could easily have been (mis)interpreted at the time as “all Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.” But after affirming that it plans to provide the update even on low-end Lumias, a Microsoft executive this past week started resetting […]