Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones: Build 12521 Screenshots Leak

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A Polish tech enthusiast web site called WindowsMania has leaked several screenshots from a more recent build of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones. The shots mostly involve the new Settings interface, which is being rebuilt to look and work more with the version of Settings in Windows 10 for PCs and tablets.

Here, I’ll compare what we see in these shots to what’s available in the only public build of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones that Microsoft has shipped so far—build 12498—and with Windows Phone 8.1 where needed.

Add an account. This is quite different, as the public build looks/works like Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier.

add an account

Account settings. Just a graphical change to universal controls plus that weird stark white color.

outlook account settings

Delete account confirmation. Not particularly interesting, but it’s a stark white color you see sometimes in the preview, and it clashes horribly with the other, mostly-dark screens. They’ll figure it out.

delete acct confirm

OneDrive backup. This is new, and works as it does in Windows, with separate controls for settings sync and data/document sync.

backup settings

Phone call history. This isn’t actually hugely different except that the old app bar on the bottom has been replaced by what I think may be a too-arcane new toolbar.

call history

Messaging. It’s not immediately obvious, but this appears to be the main Messaging app screen, which today is titled “Threads,” not “Conversations.” So the Select and Search app bar buttons are gone, but the menu is similar to today’s app.


New message. Just new universal controls, and the removal of the app bar (which is where the Attach button used to be).


Messaging settings. Same as in 8.1, but with the new universal controls.

messaging settings

Maps settings. This has the same few options as we see today, but appears to be scrolled down so we can’t see “Use my location” and “Sync my places.” Obviously, the big deal here is the use of the new universal app controls.

maps settings

Microphone settings. I believe this is new.

mic settings

Switcher. You can see a subtle change here where the “X” close button is now above the app thumbnail along with the app name. In previous versions, the “X” was inside the thumbnail and the name was below.


New contact. This People screen looks very different, but it’s really just the new universal controls.

new contact

All Apps menu. When you press and hold on an app in All Apps, a pop-up menu appears. This is for an accessory/utility app that’s built-in to the system. But if you tap on Store apps, you will also see Rate and Review and Share options.

pin to start

Notifications + Actions settings. No differences at all.

not-actions settings

Sync Your Settings. I think this is new, and it is of course based on the similar settings interface in big Windows regardless. Note the Pin icon in the top right: you can now pin Settings apps to the Start screen.

settings sync

Privacy settings. This now includes a long list of apps, so I assume the privacy settings for individual apps will link here now.

privacy settings

Hopefully, we’ll see an official new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for Phones soon. And hopefully that build will be supported on more phones.

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