Groove Gets Sharing, More in Windows 10 Mobile Update

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Groove Music, Windows Phones with 0 Comments

Groove Gets Sharing, More in Windows 10 Mobile Update

Groove received a major update on Windows 10 Mobile last night, adding a handy music sharing feature and some other interesting changes.

I received the update this morning, but was surprised to discover there’s a lot more going on than the new sharing feature that is advertised when you first run the new app version. Microsoft’s Ellen Kilbourne provides the following list of changes on the Microsoft Community site for Groove:

  • You can share a link to music by tapping Share in the context menu. Tell your friends what you’ve been listening to!
  • We now only automatically show more albums for artists you’re exploring if you aren’t on a metered data connection to reduce data usage.
  • The theme setting in the app is now tied to the related system setting.
  • Improvements in the way the app searches for music on your mobile device.
  • Popular settings from the desktop version of the app are now in the mobile version look for settings related to Downloads, Media Info, and OneDrive in the mobile app.

The Share features works as expected: When you tap and hold on an item in Groove, a Share option appears in the resulting context menu. When you choose that, you get a standard Share screen.


Looking good. I assume the relevant changes here will be making their way to the Windows 10 PC app as well.


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