Is Microsoft Rethinking How It Sells Lumia to Businesses?

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Is Microsoft Rethinking How It Sells Lumia to Businesses?

An anonymous tipster has sent me what appears to be internal Microsoft plans for packaging mid-range and high-end Lumia handsets for businesses.

I’m not sure about the source of this information, though the documents–two very-detailed, multi-page PDF files–appears genuine and provides some tantalizing information. For this reason, I felt it was worth publishing them. But, again, with the caveat that I cannot verify that they’re real.

The two documents bear the same title: Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 Trial. One is described as a “premium packaging concept development,” and is aimed at “decision makers in organizations with large handset opportunities.” The other is a “mid-range concept development,” and is aimed at “decision makers in SMBs [small and medium-sized businesses].”

What they describe is a possible campaign aimed at winning over these businesses to Lumia using packaging that will “protect the devices while in transit, showcase the devices in their best light, reinforce the idea that Microsoft Lumia devices are the best choice for business, and show how easy the devices are to set up, integrate and deploy.”

As you might imagine, the premium packaging is a bit more involved. The presentation case is a high-end, branded travel bag with a number of internal compartments that hold the devices–a Windows phone, a Windows phablet, and a Surface Pro tablet–and introduction materials. “The bag’s construction reflects the same high production standards of Microsoft Lumia devices.”

Is Microsoft Rethinking How It Sells Lumia to Businesses?

The briefcase-style bag was selected for “its ability to be reused by the organization for the duration of the trial. The premium-looking materials that will be used are also a reflection of the audience and their role but will branded with Microsoft where appropriate.” It features primary-color (blue) stitching, a silver metallic Microsoft logo like that found on the back of the Lumia handsets, and a blue lining to reinforce the “Your business. Mobile” color. The inner sections are removable.


The mid-range packaging consists of interchangeable stackable boxes and applies only to Lumia-branded Windows phones and phablets (not Surface).


“The top layer of each box will contain the welcome letter and support materials to get the trialist quickly up and running,” the document explains. “The layers underneath will hold the devices, boxed in their existing packaging to reduce fulfillment time and further protect the devices. The device boxes sit within a blue case, which reflects the ‘Windows 10 brand guidance and mirror the ‘Your Business. Mobile’ theme.”


The Microsoft logo on the boxes could be printed with metallic ink or with contrasting matte and gloss finishes to “create an interesting aesthetic, which leads to a more premium look and feel.” The outer packaging is less well developed and the authors of the document are apparently looking into various options.

So. Is this stuff real?

Perhaps. Weighing against that are the many typos and misspellings in the documents, which appear to be written in UK English. But it’s hard to imagine anyone going to the trouble of mocking up something this elaborate, twice. And since this packaging would only be seen by potential Microsoft business customers, it’s not clear what the fallout is here. None of this could happen, even if it is real.

I am a bit intrigued by the language “Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 Trial.” This suggests a few possibilities. That Microsoft is considering trialing Windows 10 Mobile with business customers using existing handsets. Or that new handsets will ship with an incomplete, pre-release version of Windows 10 Mobile. It’s just not clear. (UPDATE: It really just means “trial,” as in “let businesses trial Lumia with Windows 10. Ah well. –Paul)

Nothing is, I guess. 🙂 But here you go.


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