Microsoft to Bring Skype Group Video Calling to Mobile Devices

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Skype, Windows Phones with 0 Comments

Microsoft to Bring Skype Group Video Calling to Mobile Devices

Microsoft announced this week that it will be bringing Skype’s group video calling feature to Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 Mobile in the coming weeks. And it will offer this functionality for free.

Skype group video calls work on Windows (with the desktop and “modern” clients), Xbox One, and Mac. But since there are CPU, graphics, and RAM requirements associated with the number of people in a call—more people requires more resources—I imagine that mobile devices will come with some limitations here.

For now, that’s hard to say. In a blog post celebrating ten years of Skype video capabilities, Microsoft only briefly mentions the coming capability.

Get ready to welcome group video calling on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 Mobile – everywhere, completely free. We’ll be rolling out this new feature to our hundreds of millions of mobile users in the coming weeks.

An accompanying image does show four people in a group video chat on a high-end Samsung smart phone.


And if you want to get started early, Microsoft is also opening up a preview. You can pre-register at the Skype web site., choosing which mobile device—Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile—you’ll be using.


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