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  • Thurrott Daily: October 7

    Thurrott Daily: October 7

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    Tech tidbits from around the web: Groove Music is updated in Windows 10 Insider Preview, Runtastic and Google Play Music partner up, Oculus held a press conference and you're not going to believe what happened next, and Google is actually advertising its new phones.

    Thurrott Daily: September 29

    Thurrott Daily: September 29

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    Tech tidbits from around the web: A Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered launch trailer, the entire Gears of War 4 prologue, a Microsoft exec sees the end of the QWERTY keyboard, the new Amazon Fire TV Stick offers the cheapest way yet to get Alexa in your home, and Blackberry will no longer build its own phones.