YouTube is Coming Back to Amazon Fire TV

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, iOS, Android, Music + Videos, YouTube with 22 Comments

Hell has frozen over: Google’s popular YouTube service is coming back to Amazon Fire TV in the coming months. In return, Amazon’s Prime Video app is coming soon to Chromecast and Android TV too.

“We are excited to work with Amazon to launch the official YouTube apps on Fire TV devices worldwide,” YouTube’s Heather Rivera says. “Bringing our flagship YouTube experience to Amazon Fire TV gives our users even more ways to watch the videos and creators they love.”

“We’re excited to bring the Prime Video app to Chromecast and Android TV devices, and to give our customers convenient access to the shows and movies they love,” Amazon’s Andrew Bennett, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Prime Video. “Whether watching the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, catching teams go head-to-head on Thursday Night Football or renting a new-release movie, customers will have even more ways to stream what they want, whenever they want, no matter where they are.”

As you may be aware, Google and Amazon have been feuding for quite some time, though it’s unclear what set this off. But relations have been warming over the past year. In December, for example, Amazon reinstated the sale of Google Chromecast dongles after having pulled them for its online store because they didn’t “interact well with Prime Video,” causing “customer confusion.” (That this was Amazon’s fault, not Google’s, is perhaps ironic.)

Well, now everything is fine between the two firms.  YouTube is coming back to Fire TV—though the Amazon announcement neatly ignores that it used to be available—and will offer 4K HDR at 60 fps on supported devices. Standalone YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps will also be available.  And Amazon Prime Video will be updated to (again) support Chromecast and Google Cast.

See? Compromise and common sense are possible.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “YouTube is Coming Back to Amazon Fire TV”

  1. Skolvikings

    It's about time. The only thing this feud accomplished was harming customers.

  2. mestiphal

    Why can't Google do the same with Microsoft, so my Xbox can take Google Assistant commands and not just Alexa

  3. techniacalpraveen1

    thanks bro for this helpful info. Amazon Prime Video Its good On Time watching movies

  4. prabhat_800

    Great info. Thanks for sharing this here. I was waiting for this long time.

  5. bsd107

    Prime Video coming to Android TV? I have had it on my Sony Android TV for the last three years, uninterrupted and through several OS updates.

  6. IanYates82

    I might actually make use of my Prime Video then. Neat.

  7. robmille

    Holy hell! And they're even doing 4K HDR on the Fire TV stuff!

  8. Trickyd

    This whole thing was very irritiating and wasteful - how many extra Roku sticks were bought to replace firetv sticks over this? At least three in our household.

    Amazon are not as consumer focussed as they make out , have you noticed how clunky and old fashioned the Amazon Video app is on Roku and Smart Tv's , they want you to use their hardware rather than be happy you're using their service.

  9. Pbike908

    Good news for consumers. I think at some level this is driven to avoid anti-trust/regulator scrutiny.

  10. glenn8878

    Maybe they want to increase marketshare. Roku became the only choice after their feud. I will still buy Roku in light of how finicky those services are.

  11. Patrick3D

    Google's motivation to support Fire TV is obviously to try and smooth over relations before they launch their game service. Fire TV has 30 million active users:, rather large market segment to want a service to reach.

  12. Bats

    If this is true, it's a huge game-changer. YouTube is immensely popular because it's not just an app, it's a platform. 

    From a cord-cutting perspective, I hope YouTube TV comes along with it. There are so many people who are trying to cut the cord and go out to get Fire TV, to come home, set it up, and find out that they can't use the (great) YouTube TV service. I know this, because I read comments and questions from people at the the CordcuttersNews Facebook group all....ALL....the time. Don't get me wrong, Roku is great, but Fire TV is Android with almost everything.

    Like I said, this is huge, especially for cord-cutters, because cord cutting is about choices AND most of all......SAVING MONEY. Saving money and Freedom go hand in had, but the earlier is the most essential elements to cord cutting. It's why people do SAVE MONEY.

    YouTube saves people money, because everything.....EVERYTHING is on YouTube. LOL....literally everything. People have quit their jobs to start their own "channel" and work to the point of making $1k a day just by creating content. LOL...even my 12 year old niece has a YouTube channel.  

    • jgraebner

      In reply to Bats:

      Kind of a weird response. Did you actually read the article? It has direct quotes from Google and Amazon spokespeople, so it obviously is true and not just a rumor. It also specifically says that the YouTube TV app is included.

  13. JacobTheDev

    Very happy to see Prime Video getting Chromecast support! I've always liked that service because their apps are nice and cross-platform, but I didn't use it much because they don't support casting. This elevates Prime to my primary video buying service now!

  14. senorlargo

    Hopefully they'll allow it on the Fire Tablets too.

  15. CrownSeven

    Who cares. The work around Amazon created by using a browser to access Youtube actually worked better than google's original Youtube app.

  16. derekabraham

    Is it only coming to Fire TV and not for fire tablets?

  17. yoshi

    Maybe there is now hope to have Amazon Music as a default option with Google Assistant.

  18. worldfree4uhdclub

    Thank you so much for such a piece of information, good to know that we can enjoy the online entertainment again on Amazon Fire Tv.