YouTube and Netflix Coming to Tesla Cars

Posted on July 27, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos, Netflix, YouTube with 32 Comments

We don’t usually write about cars, but here is an interesting one: Elon Musk today announced that his company Tesla is bringing YouTube and Netflix streaming to their cars.

The support for YouTube and Netflix will allow users to watch content from YouTube and all the shows and movies from Netflix on their car. And that’s obviously really great if you have a Tesla. Musk said on Twitter that the viewing experience is “amazingly immersive” and provides a “cinematic feel due to comfy seats & surround sound audio.”

You will only be able to stream YouTube and Netflix when the car is stopped, of course. After all, it’s very easy to get distracted by a 2 minute YouTube video. There is, however, a chance of YouTube nad Netflix streaming working when your car is moving.

Musk says the company is working on enabling video streaming while the car is moving once its full self-driving system is approved by regulators. That would actually be pretty wild, especially being able to just watch a show on Netflix or a video on YouTube while your car just drives itself.

Elon Musk later confirmed that the feature will land on Teslas sometime in August, but it could take slightly longer. That’s the same time its cars are getting Cuphead, too, by the way.

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Comments (32)

32 responses to “YouTube and Netflix Coming to Tesla Cars”

  1. bob_shutts

    Hope that’s locked down so some smart person can’t hack it so he/she can watch Stranger Things on I-95.

  2. Lordbaal

    This should be illegal.

  3. Energy

    With the initial support only working while the car is stopped, I probably wouldn't use it that much. However, in the situation where I am along for the ride and I have to wait for someone (while at a store, for example), I would probably use the YouTube functionality here and there. In fact, I had a situation today where I took one of my sons to get a haircut and had a ~45 minute wait. I might have used this feature if 1) I had a Tesla already and 2) the functionality was available.

  4. wright_is

    The big question is, why? I just don't see the point. If I am driving the car, I don't need video. If I am at my destination, I don't need video in the car. If I am at a rest stop on the way, I want to get out and stretch my legs...

    Interesting tech achievement, but I would have thought a very limited usecase, show off to your friends and done... If they ever get the autonomous driving down pat and certified, then watching films in the car becomes an interesting option - although I might want it on the windscreen so that I can't see all the close calls the car avoids and I'm not constantly putting my foot through the floor pressing a virtual brake pedal!

    Other manufacturers, like Mercedes have had video playback for years, although in the form of DVD on a 2001 Mercedes E-Class... As the E-Class was the standard car for taxi drivers in Germany, I could sort of understand it, being stuck on a taxi rank for long periods of time.

  5. Stooks

    Tesla needs to fail already. Massively in debt, major quality control problems, shady tax deals, never hitting any timelines, over promising and under delivering and executives bailing. All run by a megalomaniac. Please just fail.

    • vadalus

      In reply to Stooks:

      Zzz the Tesla shorts are out in force again. Saw some good debunking in the replies though...

    • codymesh

      In reply to Stooks:

      Americans: support American automakers! Support American manufacturing and American jobs!

      Also Americans: no that one lol

    • xapache

      Tesla needs to fail already. Massively in debt, major quality control problems, shady tax deals, never hitting any timelines, over promising and under delivering and executives bailing. All run by a megalomaniac. Please just fail.


      Can you be more specific in these areas?

      • major quality control problems
      • shady tax deals
      • never hitting any timelines Yeah OK - one point for you - Elon's timelines are an order of magnitude off most of the time
      • over promising and under delivering
      • megalomaniac

      Keep in mind, had they failed years ago, major manufacturers (read old school) would never have developed anything other than gas guzzling emission spewing cars, with the slowest worst possible displays yet seen since flip phones had larger screens. :)

    • PeteB

      In reply to Stooks:

      Aww what's a matter, can't afford a Tesla

      • Thom77

        In reply to PeteB:

        Tesla can't afford it's own existence.

        They are subsidized by tax payer money.

        • pargon

          In reply to Thom77:

          That's actually not true in proper context. They were the first to repay their loans from the Feds. Paid far ahead of schedule with all interest. Oil companies are more heavily subsidized than Electric. Most industries are "subsidized by the tax payer money"....farming, oil & gas, nuclear power (I'm a nuclear engineer, it's not economical without heavy govt funds to get started). GM took a massive bailout and the Taxpayer lost BILLIONS! Why are so many idiots so quick to forget that but shout down Tesla for actually improving lives, safety, features.

          People get kidnapped at gas stations while filling up these days. As soon as I can afford an electric car that can be charged at home daily I plan to do so. The safety benefits of a low center of gravity and not needing to put my wife and child in a crappy situation are worth a lot. I normally fill her car up for her so she doesn't have to worry about the theft and crime at stations. Living near the Mexico border in NM, it's definitely on the news pretty often.

        • codymesh

          In reply to Thom77:

          as opposed to GM, which totally isn't subsidized by taxpayer money /s

        • xapache

          In reply to Thom77:

          "They are subsidized by tax payer money." Are they?

          This is such a tired falsehood that seems to never die. If you are referring to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, Tesla paid the loan off (+ interest) several years before the deadline. BTW Ford, Nissan, Fisker, and others all received the loan as well. That doesn't seem to come up in conversation though. Or how about oil companies that are CURRENTLY subsidized by tax payer money? They make billions in profit and yet are in need of public tax payer money? Seems odd to me...

          Or maybe you are referring to the federal EV tax credit? This credit only applies to the first 200k EV cars produced by a manufacturer. Well, Tesla has hit that mark and is in the phase out of the tax credit which goes to the purchaser of the vehicle not Tesla (minus of course the sale resulting).

          Polarizing as Elon Musk is, the cars the company produces all achieve the highest crash ratings of every single body that tests them. So the quality issue really isn't actually an issue. Yes, Model 3 early production cars had panel gaps and such but are sound cars otherwise.

          For all the tech in these cars and the theme of this tech website, one would think there would be more interest here rather than the nonsense that is reported in the news.

          • Stooks

            In reply to xapache:

            The EV tax credit ran out for them in 2018. They would have went under but California through them a lifeline....yet again.

            Go to the Tesla forums and look at the quality issues. You have lots and lots of software glitches plus manufacturing issues because they do not have the track record as a auto maker. Lots of odd issues like how the wheel wells are not one piece (like 6+) and are cracking on the welds, or how the rear end of the Model 3 collects dirt, 40+ pounds of it over time. There are stories about people that get in minor accidents that wait 7 months for spare parts to get the car fixed at a body shop.

            How many people have now died because of the auto pilot mode or from fires after a wreck? Just recently someone crashed and the door would not open and they burned up.

  6. mattbg

    This seems a bit "low fat" in the canon of Tesla promises. Why not show the movie on the windshield? :)

  7. AnOldAmigaUser

    How attention deficit have we become that we need to be distracted and mindlessly entertained at traffic lights? What could possibly go wrong with this?

    Driving is an activity that requires one's full attention to be done right, even with the aids in today's autos. If a person cannot be bothered to pay attention when driving, they should take mass transit.

    • xapache

      In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

      Maybe you didn't fully understand (or you were distracted ("it’s very easy to get distracted by a 2 minute YouTube video.") what was announced. It is a feature that will allow drivers to watch while sitting at a SuperCharger station charging their car - NOT - at a traffic light waiting for the light to change.

      Then, it was announced that once full self-driving (FSD) was approved and launched in car video while the vehicle is moving would be enabled. Which makes sense, if the car is driving autonomously then the passenger(s) could read, make phone calls, or watch videos on the way to the destination.

    • wosully

      In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

      You are right in with this. Maybe we could implement this with the airlines.....pilots have lots of down time in the air.

  8. harmjr

    Tesla just wants to repair those huge touch screens. (Tesla repair man) Sir how did the touch screen get broken.... Frozen was on repeat...

  9. SvenJ

    I can already do this in my Ford Focus. It's called an iPad. Immersive sound? Headphones. I can do Hulu and Amazon Prime videos, not to mention iTunes.

  10. skane2600

    Musk: We've got the driver entertainment system working so all that is left to go is the trivial task of creating a self-driving system that doesn't crash.

  11. John Dunagan

    Gonna have to say, meh. I'd rather the streaming audio situation get worked out when I'm driving...

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