Spotify Testing New Nearby Device Feature

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos, Spotify with 2 Comments

Spotify is testing a new feature on mobile devices. The company is working on a new nearby device feature that will make it easier for users to switch playback to their most-used device whenever they are nearby.

The new feature works by first asking users if they want to set a “favorite” device within Spotify Connect, and once a favorite device is set, Spotify will ask you whether you want to start playback on that device whenever you are near the device. So for example, I have my Harman Kardon Invoke speaker set as my favorite device (“ASTRO” on Spotify), and every time I come home from outside, Spotify detects that the Invoke is nearby, and sends a notification asking if I want to start playing on the Invoke. I can then switch playback from my phone to my Invoke right from the notification.

This new feature is actually really useful and surprisingly works very smoothly (when the notification actually shows up) in my testing. I’d imagine the feature would work with any device that supports Spotify Connect, but it doesn’t work for my Windows 10 PC, for example. I usually manually switch playback from my phone to my Invoke speaker on the Spotify app as soon as I get home, and having the app automatically ask me if I want to switch playback eliminates the extra steps.

Spotify has recently been working on beefing up its Spotify Connect feature that allows users to control playback across devices. understands Spotify has also widely started testing a new “group session” feature for Spotify Connect that allows users to start a group playback session that can be controlled by people part of the group, and it’s really useful for when you want to listen along with your friends.

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2 responses to “Spotify Testing New Nearby Device Feature”

  1. dontbeevil

    it works between my android and my windows 10 2in1