20 Years Later: My Original Apple iPod Review (Premium)


20 years ago this past weekend, Apple announced the iPod, the first step in an amazing comeback that later included iPhone, iPad, and more. But it wasn’t clear that Apple was really onto anything with the first iPod, which used Firewire for connectivity and only worked with the firm’s Macintosh computers: But later, Apple would open up iPod to Windows computers and USB connectivity, and port iTunes to Windows, giving its MP3 player the userbase and the functionality it needed.

Note: Apple announced the iPod on October 23, 2001. But it didn’t release the device until November 10, 2001. At this time, I was still in Apple’s good graces---or, more likely, the Windows world was still important to the firm---so I was given a review unit, which I was told I could keep. I published my review on December 18 that year.

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