YouTube TV Crosses Over 5 Million Subscribers

Posted on July 13, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Music + Videos, YouTube with 2 Comments

YouTube TV is celebrating a new milestone this week with over 5 million subscribers and trialers. The streaming television service launched five years ago in the US, and it remains exclusively available in this market.

“When we launched YouTube TV five years ago, we wanted to make watching TV even more enjoyable — featuring a modern product experience without all the commitments, equipment fees and hassle. Today, we’re humbled that five million of you are currently on this journey with us,” said Christian Oestlien, Vice President of Product Management, YouTube TV and Connected TV

As of today, YouTube TV provides access to over 100 channels, unlimited cloud DVR space, and more for $64.99/month. It’s also possible to share a YouTube TV subscription with 6 accounts in your household, and Google is also offering a cheaper Spanish plan with over 28 Spanish networks at $34.99/month.

At a time when Apple is teaming up with Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball to stream matches on the Apple TV app, Google also highlighted the decent sports selection available on YouTube TV. “We are proud to have a robust sports offering, from basketball, baseball and football to add-ons such as 4K Plus and Sports Plus,” Oestlien emphasized.

As pointed out by Variety, this 5 million subscribers number makes YouTube TV the number one Internet TV subscription service in the US, ahead of Disney’s Hulu with 4.1 million subscribers. YouTube TV has also become the #5 biggest subscription-based TV streaming service in the US after Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, DirecTV, and Dish.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “YouTube TV Crosses Over 5 Million Subscribers”

  1. abdulla77

    So here's the thing.. I use YouTube TV through a VPN. I've cancelled my local cable provider (OSN) and I don't feel I've missed anything. In fact, when HBO or other cable providers release a show or movie, it reaches other regions globally after a few weeks (or sometimes not at all), when I can get it immediately there and then on YTV.

    I wish YTV was global.

  2. ejuly

    Wow, I have not been paying attention. I thought YTV would have had 10-12 million North American subscribers by now. Comcast alone still has almost 20 million USA cable subscribers. I am a subscriber flipper change every 3-4 months to get a discounted rate. I do not get why anyone would get Disney/YTV/Hulu/Paramount, etc., for more than a few months.