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Microsoft provides a simple Music Deals app on both Windows and Windows Phone which can be used to find music that is on sale in Xbox Music so you can buy it when it’s available inexpensively. The deals change every week, so you should keep checking back.

Note: This article is excerpted from my free e-book, Xbox Music Field Guide, which you can download in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats from the Field Guide Books web site. Thanks for reading! –Paul

Music Deals is a separate app from Xbox Music. So you will need to download it for your devices before you can easily discover each week’s deals.

Music Deals for Windows 8.1 is available from the Windows Store.

Music Deals for Windows Phone 8.1 is available from the Windows Phone Store.

Music Deals works identically on both Windows and Windows Phone, though the presentation is a bit different to account for the different form factors. In each, there are three sets of deals: A single album of the week, a group of this week’s picks, and a third group that varies from week-to-week.


If you tap on one of the groups, you’ll be presented with a list of albums. You can browse through this list to see if there’s anything you might want to buy.


And when you select any album, either from the main app view or an album group list, you’ll be offered the chance to purchase it with Xbox Music. This view also explains how many more days are left for this particular deal.


Tap the Get It button to launch Xbox Music on your PC or phone and view the album and, if desired, purchase it. (On Windows, you will be prompted to switch apps for some reason.) From here, the purchase process works as it does normally.

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