You Can No Longer Sync your Microsoft Movies & TV Account with Disney

Posted on September 8, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Movies & TV, Music + Videos with 34 Comments

You Can No Longer Sync your Microsoft Movies & TV Account with Disney Movies Anywhere

I’m not sure which side of the partnership unraveled this, but you can no longer sync your Microsoft Movies & TV account with Disney Movies Anywhere.

“Your Disney Movies Anywhere account has been unlinked from Microsoft Movies & TV,” an email from Disney alerted me this morning. “Your existing movies on Microsoft Movies & TV and Disney Movies Anywhere are safe and will not be affected. [But] any future movie purchases from Microsoft Movies & TV will no longer be shared with Disney Movies Anywhere.”

I first wrote about Disney Movies Anywhere about two years ago, when I noted that Walt Disney Studios was expanding the availability of its cloud-based video service content beyond Apple’s iTunes and Apple TV to include Amazon, Android TV, Microsoft, and Roku.

“Basically, when you buy Disney videos from ‘participating providers’—Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, and VUDU—you can link those purchases to Disney and then access them all from a single location,” I wrote at the time. “(Or, you could buy the content through the Disney Movies Anywhere site, using one of those providers.) In doing so, you are linking a Disney account with one or more provider accounts.”

The expansion put Microsoft’s lackluster Movies & TV app—which is available only on Windows 10 and Xbox One—on par, so to speak, with rival services. At least from a Disney perspective.

“There is a good reason to do this,” I added. “If you purchased qualifying movies on other services, they will be made available on Microsoft’s Movies & TV service (and vice versa).”

I later wrote up how this work in Tip: Sync Accounts with Disney to Get Your Movies Anywhere. And I’ve been enjoying my own purchases across multiple services ever since.

But as of this week, that’s no longer the case. Now, (new) Disney Movies Anywhere content sharing is only available on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Verizon Fios, and VUDU, Disney says.

I don’t see anything more about this on the Disney Moves Anywhere website, and when I tried to reconnect my Microsoft account, which was indeed disconnected, it failed. I will note the maybe not coincidental timing, however: Disney announced its hookup with Microsoft (and other content providers) exactly two years ago. Perhaps a contract expired and Microsoft simply didn’t renew. Which makes some sense: I bet there isn’t even a team of people at the software giant that works on this service.

Anyway, maybe it comes back when someone from Redmond finally gets to their email. Or maybe this is the start of an inevitable decline for Movies & TV.


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