Sonos Announces New Soundbar, Voice Assistant, More

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Sonos with 2 Comments

Sonos today announced Sonos Ray, a new compact soundbar, Sonos Voice Control, new colors for Sonos Roam, and a new partnership.

Sonos Ray is a new low-end soundbar that will be sold alongside the more expensive and cable Sonos Beam and Arc soundbars. It will cost $279 when it becomes available on June 7, and it comes in just one color, black.

“Homes have become movie theaters, fitness studios, gaming hubs and so much more, all supported by a streaming era that is no longer exclusive to just TV, music, and film,” Sonos CEO Patrick Spence says. “Ray makes it easier than ever to enhance those listening experiences, thanks to its smaller size and impressive sound.”

Sonos Voice Control will work on every voice-capable Sonos smart speaker and will work with Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora at launch; note that Google’s YouTube Music is conspicuously absent. It uses the “Hey, Sonos” key phrase, as one might expect, and you can provide follow-up commands without any additional wake words.

“Sonos is committed to delivering new experiences that effortlessly connect listeners to the content they love.” Sonos vice president Joseph Dureau says of Sonos Voice Control. “One of the most natural ways to connect to your music is with your voice, but when we speak to our customers, we hear that privacy concerns mean many are choosing not to use voice control. Created purely for listening on Sonos and designed with privacy at its core, Sonos Voice control delivers the Sonos app experience using only your voice.”

Sonos also announced that it will make its Sonos Roam portable speaker available in three new colors, Olive, Wave, and Sunset, in addition to the existing white and black options. The price is unchanged at $179, and each is available now.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Sonos Announces New Soundbar, Voice Assistant, More”

  1. mattbg

    Sounds good to me. I questioned the idea of Sonos rolling their own voice control at first, but when I think about how I use Alexa on my Sonos, 99% of the time I am just asking it to play something or change the volume.

    If it can remove some privacy concerns about the Amazon/Google ties as well as be more accurate (owing to a more limited scope of only having to interpret audio-related commands) then that sounds like a win to me.

  2. derekaw

    I love our Sonos stuff. We have the Arc, the Sub and two One’s at the back. It wasn’t cheap but most days I think about how good it sounds.