Spotify Now Has a Playlist That Combines News and Music for Your Daily Drives

Spotify has been focusing big on podcasts lately. And to take things a step further, it’s now combining podcasts and music. The company is announcing a new Daily Drive playlist that combines the best of podcasts and music to give you a regularly updated playlist that you can listen to when driving.

The idea here is that the playlist will work similarly to traditional radios that let you stay up-to-date with the news while listening to music. And Spotify’s Your Daily Drive playlist does exactly the same — you will’get short-form podcast news updates that keep you up-to-date, and you’ll also get to listen to songs and music from artists based on your taste.

At launch, the new Your Daily Drive feature is only available to users in the United States. Spotify is teaming up with the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and PRI for the short-form podcast updates, and it’ll likely invite more publishers later on. Either way, this new playlist could go really well with Spotify’s upcoming in-car player.

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Conversation 3 comments

  • bbold

    12 June, 2019 - 3:17 pm

    <p>What a great idea! I love this. As a Spotify user, I feel that they need to truly change the game by adding such services and playlists as this. I also like the idea of a Podcast playlist which plays 5-10 minutes of a selected category of Podcasts.</p>

  • SvenJ

    Premium Member
    14 June, 2019 - 12:24 pm

    <p>I've had this for years. It's called radio and is totally free. The even provide local news and weather. I also have numerous choices of music genres.</p>

  • illuminated

    14 June, 2019 - 3:58 pm

    <p>Awesome idea. </p>


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