Ask Paul: February 23 (Premium)

Happy Friday everyone. Here is another installment of Ask Paul.
An Xbox Game Pass follow-up
Two weeks ago, dave.erwin asked whether Microsoft would bring existing exclusive titles to Xbox Game Pass rather than just upcoming new titles. I responded that I would ask Microsoft about this. Which I did.

I was told that several current Microsoft Studios games---including Gears of War 4, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, Halo Wars 2, and Halo 5: Guardians---are already available in Xbox Game Pass. No word on the one game (Forza 7) he asked about, however, sorry.
High-DPI nightmares and a local meetup
Polycrastinator asks:
I know HighDPI/Display scaling is a constant bugbear for apps, but why can't Microsoft get this to work when changing between scales, why require logging off and back on. This feels particularly acute now I have a laptop with dock where the laptop screen requires scaling, but the monitors do not. I'd love to be able to pop the laptop off the dock, show something to a colleague, then put it back on, but if I do, things look like garbage because I need to log off and back on to get the scaling right. With a lot of applications open, this is completely impractical, and I don't understand why this is a problem that even exists. Which I guess has stopped short of a question. Is Microsoft ever going to fix this?
Short answer: No, not completely. But they were, for a while at least, issuing fairly regular updates tied to UI scaling issues. I suspect that where we are at today is pretty much it, however. And that the "why" of it is tied to the legacy roots of Windows.
Also, how about a meetup in Philadelphia since you're now so close?
I suppose this will happen eventually. In the meantime, I'll be attending the developer-focused Philly .NET user group meetings and events each month unless I'm traveling. Their next event is a two-day code camp in late March, and I'll be in the PWA session that Friday.
Cheap cloud backup
ianceicys asks:
I had been storing [a lot of] content on external HDs and a sonology NAS. I still have ~20 TBs of content on external drives yet to back up. It's gonna be a pretty penny to back up that to amazon cloud drive, costing ~$1200 a year, so nearly $100 a month, a year. Paul you have a ton of content you backup, have you found a cheaper solution that Amazon Cloud Drive, any recommendations? Any idea if just going to AWS S3 as a personal user might be possible? I don't want to use another NAS as I've had 2 apartments flood, and 1 electrical offsite is a must for peace of mind.
I've been looking for a solution to this problem as well. The one I'm currently experimenting with---and this will be part of a second CloudBerry Backup write-up that's coming in March---is Backblaze. Their business solution lets you backup directly from a NAS for just $50 per year. Seems solid. And it works with CloudBerry.
PWA limitations
craigsn asks:
You are advocating...

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