More Mobile: Fun with Microphones (Premium)


When I’m at home, I use a professional podcasting rig that consists of a broadcast-quality microphone, a boom arm, and a USB audio interface. There’s a lot to like about this setup: it sounds great, and I never need to frig with the settings. But it has some downsides too. It’s expensive, for starters, though TWiT paid for it. And, more problematic, it’s big and bulky and not at all mobile, and it is thus not compatible with the more mobile lifestyle I see for the future.

In a way, this isn’t a new problem. I normally travel enough that I need to record many podcast episodes each year on the road, and I’ve spent much of the past 15 or so years packing various headsets and microphones for use on my trips. And while I’ve never found anything truly excellent, I could until now at least excuse that a way by the temporary nature of it: sure, I may be gone 4-5 weeks over the course of a year, but it’s OK if the podcasts I record then don’t sound perfect. That’s part of the charm.

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