Thurrott Is Growing Up, New Social Accounts Now Live

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Brad Sams in Paul with 0 Comments


When Thurrott was launched earlier this year, it was Paul on a mission to do what he does best, cover the world of Microsoft. And as this site grew, so did Thurrott, the brand, not just Paul. I (Brad) joined to help bring more insight and new flavors to Thurrott but to also help grow the site.

As Paul already noted, changes (good ones, I promise) are coming and I am working diligently to make sure Thurrott becomes a more user-friendly site and to help you, dear reader, get the most out of what Paul and I write.

The first of these changes, and I stress, don’t expect a major overhaul to content, we like the style we have now, is that Thurrott now has proper social channels. Heck, before today, Thurrott didn’t have a proper Facebook page for a site of this size and caliber.

So, let me introduce you to Thurrottfeed, this is the name for both Facebook and Twitter accounts and is exactly what it sounds like, a pure feed of the content produced on

We are starting with from scratch with both feeds, so if you’d give us a follow or a like, it would be really appreciated as this will help us grow our little corner of the web we (and hopefully you) call home.


Twitter: Thurrottfeed

Facebook Thurrottfeed

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