2016 Year in Review: My Top Tweets

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Paul with 13 Comments

2016 Year in Review: My Top Tweets

2016 was an amazing year. And one way to prove that is to look back at my Twitter activity from the year. Here are my top tweets from each month of 2016.

Note: “Top tweets” is kind of a nebulous term. What I’ve got here are my top three original tweets from each month, meaning tweets I wrote, and not auto-links to new blog posts. This is according to Twitter’s “tweet activity” data, which measures impressions.

Off we go…


So there were 400 million smart phones sold in Q4. Microsoft sold 4.5 million. That’s 1.1 percent of the market, folks.

“Microsoft CEO Admits Windows Phone Market Share Is Low.” Microsoft CEO also admits that water is wet, and that sky is blue.

The greatest accessory Apple has ever made. The Pencil. Seriously? The thing Steve Jobs regularly mocked?


“Two and a half years of steady sales declines? Revenues down 40 percent?” Windows phone, right? No. iPad. (Link)

Microsoft has officially shut down the Windows Bridge for Android (Astoria). Of course, this really happened months

Fact: Reuters, that most august of news sources, is crediting a blog called “9to5mac” so it can write about an upcoming iPhone release.


I don’t know how @GabeAul does it. We should just refer to him as Saint Aul. (I know, that’s aul-ful. I’m here all week, folks.)

2014: “All Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will be upgraded to Windows 10.” 2016: “Just kidding!”

Ah, Periscope. Try Chrome, says “Flash is required.” So I use Edge. Says “Chrome, Safari or Firefox is required.” Guess I need to buy a Mac!


“This Is When You Can Buy Nintendo’s Next Console.” What a shitty, click-baity headline. The date is March 2017, btw.

iPad sales have now fallen (not slowed, fallen) for 9 straight quarters. That’s two years and 3 months.

You guys are looking at this all wrong. Brands and products don’t matter. MSFT wants to own productivity, period. Will do whatever it takes.


Typical Windows Store experience. Why would you ever put an exact match at the top?


Apple hasn’t updated its MacBook Pro/Air designs in years. I wonder if Surface triggered a rethinking there? It’s like things just stopped.

“After buying a new MacBook Pro, what are some things you should do to it right away?” Return it.


How important is Microsoft Office when it comes to job skills? More important than “integrity.”


A fire destroyed the first NexDock shipments, the company told customers today.


So. Is there literally no way to turn off Cortana in Windows 10 with Anniversary update? Really?


I think I’ve found Mary Jo Foley’s next computer.


Wait. The free Windows 10 upgrade is ending soon?! Why didn’t anyone promote this?

BTW, telling someone to upgrade to Windows 10 now is terrible advice. If they haven’t done it yet, rushing it on the last day is a mistake.


What the FedEx website SHOULD look like.


Ladies and gentlemen, today’s technology news topics, courtesy of Google. Nope.


A Microsoft-branded seat back? Why not. @ New York State Thruway.



As it turns out, using it underwater is the only safe way to use a Galaxy Note 7.


Headphones also feature one-step setup across all your devices. Just saying. [Referring to AirPods]

So this happened.



Two years ago, we knew this was a picture of a train. Today, machine learning can hunt us down with that same train.

Say what you will about Windows phone, but none of them ever exploded.

“Touch Bar is just the beginning of a very interesting direction: Jony Ive.” Yeah, one could almost imagine a laptop [having] a touch screen.


“Evidence suggests Apple is working on the biggest mobile game-changer since the original iPhone.” Let me guess. It’s an iPhone. >wait< Yep.

My Google Home has shipped.

And thank you to everyone who came to see Windows Weekly at @wortell. It was great meeting you all! @maryjofoley


December (so far)

If Microsoft Edge blocks Flash but no one uses Edge, was Flash really blocked? Let’s explore these and other existential questions together!

Back in the mid-1990s I was going to start a website for Windows CE called Pegasus Place. Any guesses as to why that name? [Answer: Pegasus was the codename for Windows CE 1.0.]

Accenture now has over 140,000 Windows 10 PCs in its environment, which is bigger than Microsoft’s internal rollout of the OS.


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