First Ring Daily Live: IFA Aftermath

Posted on September 1, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 3 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily Live, it’s all about IFA, Windows 10 coming in October, and a lot more in the world of Microsoft.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: IFA Aftermath”

  1. dnation70

    they should have named creators to crap update

  2. John Scott

    I do not see Microsoft gaining any interest in these Windows releases. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Many users cringe about another release mucking up their system and having to endure this every six months. Just to add some stuff nobody wants, nobody see's as revolutionary and everyone else has already surpassed. Besides, why does this sort of stuff have to be tied into a Windows release in the first place? So I have more crap on my PC I will never use and probably cannot uninstall? Microsoft has really dropped the ball so many times its not funny anymore. This reminds me of the Microsoft ideal of making Windows cool again?? Or something like that. How about just making it work right for the majority who only care about that!

  3. nbplopes

    i think overall at the moment, apart from phones, regularpeople are just experimententing alternative forms of computing to Windows.

    The problem for Microsoft is that these regular people are liking it. Furthermore the providers of these forms aren't in anyway stalling or making lots of mistakes. By regular people, I mean people that aren't technology driven even though they appreciate it when it works.

    This is the good news. They are just experimenting.

    The bad news at least for me when using Windows is the large amount of out of band quirks that I feel I don't have to deal with today given the compotetion. In every release Windows always falls behind the expectations at many levels in practice. I'm not just talking about things that need to improve but things that in practice don't work. Added to this things that have been improving for ears never reaching the sweet spot. Not to mention the things that have been touted for years that never materialize. And now we have CR report for the long run use of Surface devices and aren't good.

    I work all day with computers and the ability to make and receive phone calls as well has SMS messages directely from my computer or tablet became part of the workflow ... it's just that easy. I bought a set of AirPods just the other day out of curiosity. I love to listen to jazz while I work. The ability to change devices with a touch of a button it's crazy ... removing one from one ear the music or video stopping ... talk to a college ... put it back again and automatically start playing it's just something I never saw and it's useful.. Meawhile MS .... Just some examples out of many many many.