First Ring Daily Live: Browser Bust

Posted on September 15, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 10 Comments

It’s Friday which means it is time for a live show and on this episode, Brad has a bad time with a browser only world and Paul has a few thoughts about everything.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Browser Bust”

  1. Bart

    Store app called Clatter is like Jabber

  2. dnation70

    u should have live chat for every day first ring

  3. dnation70

    no big deal about the ad's..just close

  4. Elindalyne

    WebAssembly formalization needs to happen before PWAs completely take off. There are sites other than Twitter (WashingtonPost's website is considered a PWA), but none of them are very complex. The reason we don't see complex stuff is because javascript execution just isn't that fast compared to compiled code. Like at least 20 times faster.

    This is especially important on mobile devices for obvious reasons.

    Once that gets finalized and actually built into browsers I'd imagine we'll see rapid adoption of useful PWA's.

    Edit - It looks like Safari is the only major browser that doesn't support it yet. Which makes sense, since Apple won't want to kill off their app store.

  5. franklyray

    Good rant on ads. Pay for premium. Value for value.

  6. Lewk

    If you like Tomb Raider, you should get the new Tomb Raider game on PC. It really stresses the PC but in very good ways, and is DirectX 12 Optimised.

    • crfonseca

      In reply to Lewk:

      You mean Rise of the Tomb Rider?

      As an added bonus, it's also the best Tomb Rider game.

      And can be bought from the Windows Store

  7. pmbinc

    Are there FRD show notes, at all?