The Sams Report EP 111: Invoke vs Echo (2nd Gen) vs Secrets

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, The Sams Report with 3 Comments

The Sams Report is a weekly podcast that dives deep into the world of Microsoft. With the company transforming the way it operates and Nadella putting his own touch on all aspects of the organization, the Sams Report breaks down the news and offers insight from insider sources.

On this episode, I have the brand new Invoke, the new Echo speaker, and a lot more is happening in Microsoft’s camp.

If you have any questions, you can join the chat room on YouTube or find me on Twitter @bdsams.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “The Sams Report EP 111: Invoke vs Echo (2nd Gen) vs Secrets”

  1. mmcpher

    If I didn't already have an Echo, Echo Show....

  2. ponsaelius

    Cortana speaker is also US only.

  3. slimeytsnail

    When is Alexa slated to be integrated with Cortana? With luck it will let you have the best of both worlds with the nice harmon kardon hardware.