First Ring Daily 475: Apple Keynote Hangover Edition

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 6 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad can’t decide on a phone, Paul throws a wrench into everything, and we dive into Xr or Xs.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “First Ring Daily 475: Apple Keynote Hangover Edition”

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    I used a Verizon iPhone on T-Mobile just fine. Back when they had the "Get Out of the Red" promo I made the switch.

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    The iPhone Xr is not the spiritual successor to the iPhone 8. It is the spiritual successor to the iPhone 8 Plus. And I agree with Paul, the Xr is much better value compared to the iPhone Xs 5.8"

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    There is 2x optical zoom and 10x digital on the more expensive phones and the Xr does not if that's your thing.

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    $0 for me too. No ceramic s4 means no new watch and the iphone X is juuuuust fine for the time being. no compelling reason to shift unless/until they bring back touchid under the screen ;-)

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    You mentioned that Brad can't buy an unlocked iPhone XS. Just checked Apple's website and they are selling them right now. Maybe I misunderstood.


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    Nice on-the-fly cost/benefit evaluation: Thank you both. But for people like me (older, poor eyes) the overriding determinants will be screen size and resolution. Even though I was interested in the X when it was released last year, I delayed laying down the green in hopes that something better would come along, either from Apple or someone else. As it happens, the new Xs Max seems to meet my minimum requirements. I will probably get one sometime in the next six months. Expensive? Yeah, but not as expensive as buying a cheaper, smaller version that requires me to get new glasses as well.

    I will be an early adopter of the new watch. I was a Band/Band 2 devotee from the day they were announced up to the failure of my last stockpiled Band 2 about a year ago. I tried replacing it with a Fitbit with comparable abilities but a smaller and more rudimentary display. Bad choice: I hated it. Several months ago I decided to try an Apple watch v3, which proved to be far more sophisticated and capable than I had expected. I like it. But the watch v4 with larger display and more features is, as Paul noted, a huge jump ahead. I may be the only one here old enough to remember the 1957 automotive year when radically redesigned models of the Plymouth, DeSoto, Dodge and Chrysler were introduced under the rubric, "Suddenly, it's 1960!" Feels a little like that, but with actual new usable features and not just new chrome and tail fins.

    I agree that Apple is in position to own the elder/health-focused market of which I am, for better or worse, a representative. There will be within a year or two a watch that can report blood glucose levels for diabetics. It remains to be seen whether that health complication -- guess we're going to have to redefine that phrase -- will be a built-in capability with its own sensor or a data handler connected wirelessly to a small device taped elsewhere on the body.

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