First Ring Daily 579: Windows 7 Nags, Australia Offends

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 15 Comments

On this edition of First Ring Daily, Windows 7 has a new nag screen, Windows 10 has a great new feature, and Paul manages to anger an entire continent.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “First Ring Daily 579: Windows 7 Nags, Australia Offends”

  1. Brazbit

    The Hulu thing says: Free for 30 days, just $9.99/month after.

    So what is the point if it is just 1 month free?

  2. blackcomb

    I can't think of a single reason to let go of Windows 7. Everything works and what don't, you install third party programs. Exactly. No dumbed down mobile apps.

  3. harrymyhre

    I go to Kinko's if I need to print

  4. Chris

    Angering an entire continent...? When did that happen? I heard you mention our Government, but that's not enough to anger us. Most of us look at our own Government and shake our heads in disgust. They almost make Trump look normal... (almost)

    Even the cracks about our land isn't enough to anger us. Hell, we tell people not to come here because the wildlife will kill you. (That's sarcasm... please come visit...)

  5. StevenLayton

    Is it possible to listen to the unbleeped version? ;)

  6. mccoll

    Now I want know what the TV program is.

  7. WayneRobinson

    As a resident, I hereby present a remedial lesson in aussi pronunciation, just so you know:

    Melbourne is MEL-bin. The vowel in "bin" is a mute e like dropping the g in "singin", so think "Melbing", but drop the g!

    Brad, Brad! Bondi is NOT Bon-dee. No way! No how! It's BON-die. The residents of Bondi would DIE if they heard this!

    Then we have the tragedy of Canberra, our worrisome national capital, the city of roundabouts...

    Its CAN-bra

    Please practice this. It's in everyone's best interest :)

  8. DavidSlade

    We will be welcoming Paul at the airport when he visits Australia.

    He can recognise his fans here, as we will be the ones with pitch forks!

  9. noelt1955

    Oh dear Paul. All I can say is that you and your wife will be welcome to visit us in Australia. You have many things to learn about our country, but it will be fun to teach you and I bet you will return to the USA having had the time of your life. We don't normally get into home swaps but send me an email if you want to explore.

  10. andrewtechhelp

    I was super impressed at the correct pronunciation of Brisbane. I very much understand the way the cities are often incorrectly pronounced. Only in Australia are 'bourne' and 'bane' both pronounced 'bin'.

    & yea, nobody not from Australia expects Canberra to be the capital of Australia, so your analogy of Albany in NY State is very accurate. The reason Canberra is the capital is because Sydney and Melbourne were both fighting to be capital of Australia, so we just decided to build a city between them and call that the capital (we even did the same thing America did and carved a small section of an existing state (NSW in this case) and turned it into a Federal Territory (although they do get to vote for members of Parliament to represent them unlike the poor D.C. folks in the US).

  11. simont

    Weirdly this episode is not showing in the my list of podcasts on Overcast. Last available one is 578: Sprint Ahead with Us.

  12. brettscoast

    Paul and Brad you are most welcome in Australia any time and yes our politics is a dog's breakfast.