First Ring Daily 1059: WWDC Aftermath

Posted on June 8, 2021 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, it’s a lot of Apple talk and a little bit of Windows talk.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 1059: WWDC Aftermath”

  1. Silverspark75

    You don't need Airpods to listen to Dolby Atmos songs on Apple Music. You can use any headphones but you have to choose ALWAYS ON in the music settings under Dolby Atmos. It sounds really great on my Sony wireless headphones.

    • retcable

      The Atmos feature showed up yesterday in Apple Music on my iPhone 12, so I tried it out with both my Airpod Pro's and my wired headphones. While not totally earth-shattering, there was a difference and the feeling of the soundstage being wider and more open was definitely there. I'm impressed.

  2. brettscoast

    All is right with the world again FRD is back.

  3. nbplopes

    Its not really about mouse without borders or copy in paste between devices. Its really multitasking taken to the next level … cross devices multi tasking. You guys should really see my wife using the iPad Pro along with her Laptop giving classes to both in room students and remote at the same time … The idea that you can be using your Mac say to do a PowerPoint presentation, move to your iPad to make a scribble and drag and drop to the presentation on the mac, all without changing context of either the what’s in the Mac display or the iPad display is powerful. Same with a iPhone. Imagine you have sheet of paper that you want to quickly scan to add it on a word document … just take a shot with an iPhone … AirDrop it to the mac … not even that is needed … bang its there.

    Yes you could use a Surface Pro but try to do that while connected to HDMI to the monitor its all very cumbersome. Its not really just the cable that is on the way, but also swapping between windows in what is already a displays cluttered with lots of them. Surface Studio? You have to move it, jot down and move it back again in place … not to mention you cannot carry it with you … just cumbersome.

    Now, none of this scenarios may be on your work horizons, but believe me that there are people with way more sophisticated need than us techies. The reason why some people just don’t use tech as much as we do and resort to a lot of analog processes its mostly because their needs are more sophisticated than tech can deliver. Why are some people wanting to return to offices instead of just keep remote … simply put tech is not there to deliver a similar rich experience remotely … it all very contrived in a lot of aspects.

    Yes, we can change our processes, our ways to fit the limitations of tech given some advantages, but in the day that is what some tech solutions actually asks us to do. The days of basic solutions are gone, like look stop using a typewriter and use a word processor because here you can infinitely add and delete stuff are gone … its time to focus on the next level.

    Take for instance what they are doing with notes on the Web, Microsoft touts their solution as “Writing over the web” when actually what they have done is take a snapshot of the webpage, converted to be PDF if that, and let you scribble on top. Now Apple solution, you can annotate a live web page, add notes, mark, and when you come back to that page all the notes are there … or you can either go through your notes and click a link to go to the page where that note came from … including highlighting the text … no that is writing over the web!

  4. nbplopes

    Just to add one more note. Its tru that the FaceTime new feature presentation kind of looks awkward as a novelty for a tech person. Heck not just a tech person, any person, whatapp and zoom are know and used not just by tech people. But think about this for a moment.

    1. The Microsoft way of thinking would be … “look we already have 50% of the US market share, if we deploy this cross platform and use our weight in we can take over the video conferencing business … take over Zoom … take over Slack … buy GitHub, that is where the world is headed”
    2. Or think as Apple. “We don’t think we can add much value to what others are doing by simply going cross platform, our users have access to plenty of stuff for that matter … we aren’t interested in the video conferencing business per si, more interested in device and software together, that is where we think we can excel so its not really a priority for us.” The funny thing is that they seam to be still much on par where the world is headed for now …

    This are two totally valid ways to think about it. Hey, but I still think that iMessage and FaceTime will go cross platform, this is just the start, but when it does it will add value on top of existing offers.