First Ring Daily 1093: Pricey Notes

Posted on August 3, 2021 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, OneNote isn’t for everyone, Windows 365 gets priced, and the image remains cropped.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 1093: Pricey Notes”

  1. jchampeau

    Regarding OneNote, I use it daily across several devices for work, personal, and extra-curricular endeavors (mostly nonprofit/volunteering kinds of things), and have done so for many years. I share OneNote notebooks with people in the same M365 tenant, people in other M365 tenants, with people who have MSAs. It's fair to say I'm a OneNote power user and agree 100% with the frustration part. What bothers me more even than issues related to syncing and sharing notebooks (which can be insanely frustrating) is the neutering of OneNote in the non-Windows versions. I use OneNote Page Templates which, quite simply, just create a new note and paste some text into it. I do this so that when I'm meeting with a customer, I have spots to include relevant information and this keeps me from forgetting to ask or record something. Problem is, Page Templates only exist in OneNote 2016, and even for Notebooks stored in OneDrive, the Page Templates themselves are stored locally on the PC. Good grief.

    • jchampeau

      BTW, the sync problem that Paul mentioned specifically where two people are working on the same note at the same time and the note gets duplicated doesn’t occur when everyone is using OneNote 2016. It does occur in the other versions, though. See previous commentary about Microsoft’s inability to “finish the job.”

  2. mmcpher

    I'm with Brad on OneNote. I periodically give it another shot, because I have Microsoft stuff everywhere at work, at home and wherever I am on my phone. So it remains an appealing dream that there would be this simple app that allows me to jot down notes and then syncs. I could use my Note 10 s-Pen, my laptop stylus to make hand-written notes, or dictate them from my phone or from my laptop/desktop (when I'm using Dragon/Nuance) and it would all appear as formatted text everywhere, same note, same version (updated). But it always was too complicated, just a little too much thought and learning curve (for the likes of me). By its nature, I would use it informally, so I just don't want to devote the extra time to figure out how to optimize and configure it. I haven't found a replacement though, so I will give it another shot.

  3. pbeiler1

    My company is a huge OneNote user. We use it for our meeting agendas. I love it and use this as one of my ToDo lists. I put my personal lists on it. (Yes, I am a list person). There are a few glitches, but overall has been a benefit for us.

  4. Mike Brady

    I used Evernote several years ago and enjoyed the greater simplicity and the ability to tag notes, but the problem with Evernote (and other OneNote competitors) is that too frequently you run in to

    1. Things you can do in OneNote that you can't do in Evernote.
    2. Things that just work better or easier in OneNote.

    On top of that, Evernote is a freemium product. It's hard for me to justify spending more for Evernote each month than I pay for Netflix.