What The Tech 291: Tech Predictions for 2016

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 0 Comments

What The Tech 291: Tech Predictions for 2016

In the latest episode of What the Tech, Andrew Zarian and I discuss our tech predictions for 2016 and come out on opposite sides of the debate over Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Running time: 1:08:30

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Our predictions


  1. Low end sub 100 dollar PCs to be a big thing
  2. Google will start updating OS quicker for “flagship phones” Samsung, HTC, LG…
  3. iPhone 7 will be the best selling phone of all time. Multiple models. starting with 32 gig storage.
  4. Augmented reality will takeover VR
  5. Microsoft will announce a new model of the Xbox one. Faster, Smaller, Cooler
  6. BlackBerry with be bought


  1. VR goes mainstream
  2. … and Google out-AR’s Microsoft HoloLens with Project Tango
  3. Windows phone will crater with 1 percent market share leading to…
  4. …Microsoft expands Android phone push with universal app support, deeper platform integration
  5. The new selfie-stick. An individual will mistakenly kill or seriously injure another person with a drone, leading to legislation
  6. Apple will surpass Samsung has world’s biggest maker of smart phone … but iPhone sales will still seriously cool in 1H 2016
  7. Day/date releases for movies at home
  8. 500 million active Windows 10 devices by one year anniversary/years-end at latest

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