Windows Weekly 449: NOOB Tubing

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Windows Weekly 449: NOOB Tubing

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss what’s really happening with Microsoft’s recent Windows support changes, HoloLens news, a Surface power cable recall, the new Dell Venue 8 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile news, the Build 2016 registration fiasco, and much more.

Running time: 2:28:53

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Tip of the week: Just Say No to “Get Windows 10” on Windows 7/8.1

Windows 10 is the most modern and full-featured version of Windows yet. But Microsoft’s overly-aggressive tactics in coercing customers to upgrade are a mistake I believe. So here’s how the Windows 7 or 8.1 user can “just say no” and get rid of that annoying “Get Windows 10” advertisement for good.

Tip of the week #2: Get Up to $250 Off Microsoft Band 2 When You Trade-In Another Wearable

Not as good as the $50 off deal in December, but you can get up to $250 off the cost of a Microsoft Band 2 when you trade-in an eligible smartwatch or fitness tracker. But you have to act fast: This deal is available through the end of this month only.

Enterprise pick of the week: No convenience rollup for you, Win 7 users

Last year, MS indicated the company would provide a convenience rollup of Win 7 updates (the next best thing to a Win 7 SP2). But it looks now like that rollup isn’t coming after all

Bonus pick: SharePoint 2016 RC is available to testers

Codename pick of the week (actually, product name pick of the week)

MS is renaming ASP.NET 5 “ASP.NET Core 1.0” and .NET 5 to .NET Core 1.0.

Beer pick of the week: Left Hand Milk Stout

Sometimes with all the craft beers in the world I want to try, I get swept up in hard to get, fancy styles. That’s when it’s time to do an easy to drink/easy to get beer like Left Hand Milk Stout. (Thanks to Kurt S for the idea!)

Audible pick: Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster

If you really want to know more about this movie, read the book.

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