Windows Weekly 485: Live From Microsoft Ignite

Posted on September 29, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 12 Comments

Mary Jo and I are live from Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, and we join Fr. Robert Ballecer to discuss all the news from the show, including Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 at 400 million users, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy, Azure’s AI supercomputer,  big updates for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365, and so much more.

Running time: 1:51:49

Special thanks

Thank you to everyone who came out for the live show (and were able to actually find the B/C Connector), and to everyone who came to our meet-up after the show. It’s always great to connect with the amazing community of people who follow the show and our blogs. Seriously, thanks so much!

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Protect your PC with Windows Hello

Windows Hello peripherals FINALLY show up in the Microsoft Store

App pick of the week: Skype for iOS

Skype for iOS picks up a ton of new features.

Plus: Forza Horizon 3 for Xbox One/Windows 10 and a quick follow-up about Firewatch
AppRaisin mobile app pick of the week: Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile was updated with pinch-to-zoom support
And… Microsoft Authenticator for iPhone Adds Push Notification Support

Enterprise pick of the week: Workday and MS

Adobe wasn’t the only tech vendor with which MS announced a partnership deal this week. MS and HR/finance vendor Workday also signed a new integration pact.

Codename pick of the week: Project (Rick?) Springfield

MS Research is building out its internal bug-swatting service to turn it into something customers can buy/use, too. The codename for the effort is Project Springfield.

Beer pick of the week: Orpheus Brewing Atalanta

If you’re looking for a local Atlanta beer pick, this tart plum saison is a really good one. (We visited the brewery, too, and it’s a fun spot to check out)


Tonight, if you’re in Atlanta, come to our meetup. 5-8 pm at Argosy East. (This happened Wednesday night. –Paul)

10 years of Windows Weekly

Happy 10the Year Anniversary to Windows Weekly!!

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Windows Weekly 485: Live From Microsoft Ignite”

  1. 412

    It is good to, yes, FINALLY see Windows Hello devices and I heard that Microsoft said a little about Windows Mobile commitment.

    As a long suffering Microsoft fan who wants to see Windows Mobile/Phone succeed, I simply had to move on, namely because it is exhausting to "wait and see" or wait on the "coming soon" from Microsoft. The same applies for Mobile.

    The "wait and see" has just reached a point of exhaustion . The announcement at Ignite about OneDrive place holders is still about a year away, as more details will be coming at BUILD. Details at BUILD, not launch. Over and over, we as Microsoft enthusiasts are asked to wait...and wait...and wait. When the Hololens was announced, I was already preparing to save for the "rumored" cost of the consumer version...and waited and waited and waited. I've given up hope and excitement for it.

    As a Windows Phone user, I loved Hubs and used the Family Room and encouraged people to get Windows Phone and use these things that stood out. Now, it is a shell of its former self. Mind you, I do like Windows 10 Mobile, but it has zero incentive for anyone to let go of iOS or Android. And when Verizon didn’t' get the 950xl, I was done. I had to go Android.

    Moving on from the comments of the overheating battery with my now replaced Note 7, the Note 7 provides me with as close to a "Surface Phone" as I am going to get. Yes, it isn't live tiles but with Arrow Launcher and the underrated power and features of the S-Pen, it is my Surface Phone for now. I have it as Microsoft Centric as I can get...the aforementioned Arrow Launcher, Outlook, Cortana, Office, Groove, OneDrive. Sure, I mix in some Google Services and Amazon Services but mostly Microsoft.

    More than anything, I wish I could be using Windows Phone/Mobile...just can't keep waiting. 

  2. 5539

    Too bad MS didn't follow up on their own products.

  3. 5134

    White-Box Fuzzing:

    White-box fuzzing or smart fuzzing is a systematic methodology that is used to find buffer overruns (remote code execution); unhandled exceptions, read access violations (AVs), and thread hangs (permanent denial-of-service); leaks and memory spikes (temporary denial-of-service); and so forth.

    You can perform fuzzing on any code that parses input that is received across a trust boundary. This includes files, network sockets, pipes, remote procedure call (RPC) interfaces, driver IOCTLs, ActiveX objects, and message queues (including Microsoft Windows messages).

    This article presents a case study of fuzzing during development of Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006, and discusses efforts, bug density, and ROI. During this release, the internal testing team found over 30 bugs that were either Important or Critical—according to Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) ranking—in over 500 KLOC parsing code.

  4. 442

    Was hoping to see a solid Server 2016 release date.  All I've seen so far is "sometime in October"  Meh.

    • 936

      Eval version is already available, and can be switched to licensed version after install.

  5. 217

    Why does this new comment system make me login every time I load the site for the first time each day?

    • 165

      We need to be able to log on with our Microsoft account....

    • 5027

      Agree, and why can't we edit our own comments? Seems like that would be a basic feature.

      Maybe it is possible to edit comments, but then I must have missed something, because I sure can't find a way

  6. 2131

    Still no Outlook update for me: 

  7. 907

    Watched this earlier on twit. I must say I quite like Fr. Robert. Enjoyed the episode very much, cheers.

    • 5027

      The "Padre" is an excellent host for Windows Weekly, all episodes he is in have so far been great. I know I have said this before, but it deserves a mention agan :)

      He is perfect for the role, let's both MJ and Paul talk, he has both the interest and knowledge needed regarding Microsoft and their Software and Services, and he also seems to be a very nice guy to top that off.

      Even when they stay of topic he manages to limit it and make it the right amount of fun.

  8. 495

    Good stuff.  

    Here's to another 10 years!!!!!