First Ring Daily Live: Taking On The Future and Xbox

Posted on December 9, 2016 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 8 Comments

It’s Friday which means it is time for a live edition of First Ring Daily where we talk about the future of Xbox, gaming, and of course, it’s impossible to skip over ARM.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Taking On The Future and Xbox”

  1. 339

    So the American Flag is causing you to spend more money. Sounds like capitalism in action to me :D

  2. 996

    The paint 3D app doesn't even run on my laptop. It crashes my display drivers and then the app crashes itself. So I'm completely screwed in that I have no paint app now. So if this is a permanent replacement I'm completely stuck. I've provided feedback and I have several upvotes meaning others have this issue too. Now I'm concerned they're going to have a repeat of the Anniversary Update rollout issue where several serious issues cropped up as they rolled it out to regulars and it could have been prevented if they acted on the very real feedback they're receiving.

  3. 730

    Great show! FYI the description says "Frist Ring Daily"

  4. 5485

    Apple will never come up with a stylus based phones. No one wants that, no one!

    If you really listen to what he has told - you don't even need to consider the context - he did not believe that stylus based smart phones or tablets were ideal. And he was totally right!

    Steve Jobs is credited for many things. As any popular person, he is credited for things that he has said and things he has not said. Most of the second is usually extrapolated by other based on the things he said.

    But a stylus based phone is different from a touch based phone that supports stylus for certain scenarios. So I would not surprised that even if he was alive the iOS today would support a stylus input, being not the normal use case of interaction. Heck, even a mouse. This does not take anything to the fact that a stylus based phone or tablet ... sucks.

    PS: During his reign iOS already had a task manager. Not a desktop like task manager, something much more fluid. So fluid that people do not see it.



  5. 334

    Scorpio will be the last XBox evar!

  6. 2787

    Re Samsung Note 7 & Verizon:  I believe the other carriers are going to push the 'brick' update after the "heart of the holiday travel season".

  7. 22

    What's most interesting to me about the Windows on ARM announcement is that it enables MS to make devices at a much lower price point with potentially cellular capabilities. I think next year we will see updates to Hololens, potentially those Home Hub devices, and even an XBOX TV devices that could compete with Roku and Apple TV.  It could prove to be an interesting 2017.

  8. 879

    If you ever find a good replacement for Picasa please let us know.