CES 2017: Hands-On With The Samsung Notebook 9

Posted on January 6, 2017 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, Video Reviews with 8 Comments

Samsung has updated their Notebook 9 and the 15in model is thin, light and offers a wide range of ports; coming in at 2.17 lbs, it’s a device you need to hold to appreciate.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “CES 2017: Hands-On With The Samsung Notebook 9”

  1. 6358

    Thanks for dashing my hopes, Samsung.

    A laptop that bends? No thanks.
    A laptop that is missing the numpad keys? Screw you.
    A laptop that has higher resolution than Full HD? Screw you.

    Ugh. Why is there no manufacturer who understands that people still want 15-inch laptops with quad core at a low weight (preferably 1.5 kg-)? It's possible, just no one understands that we want it. The numpad is absolutely necessary and there is NO reason it should be missing from a 15-inch model. There's plenty space for it. Screens bigger than Full HD just eats battery and makes us enable display scaling, making everything look terrible for no reason.

    • 5783

      In reply to Athena:

      completely agree. And no touchscreen. I won't buy a laptop without touch.

      How does one actually get real work done on a laptop without number keys? I assume other keys double up. I'm guessing that's a nightmare working in something like Excel.

      • 214

        In reply to yaddamaster:

        Totally mastered a 10 key adding machine back in the pre-pc days - I was a production manager and had to manually add up a seemingly infinite number of columns on huge spreadsheets of parts for schedules and such. But that was then - I've never needed or wanted a numeric keypad on any computer I've ever used - particularly a notebook. To me even having it on my PC keyboard wastes desktop space - of which I never seem to have enough.

        However, I agree with you on touchscreens - for me it makes this Samsung a non-starter. But last November my lead developer insisted we get him an XPS 13 with the full HD non-touch screen - he detests touch screens. Why? Beats the h _ _ _ outta me...

        Point being; there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal taste. Or to use cases.

      • 10124

        In reply to yaddamaster:

        Not everybody wants a numpad or a touch screen. 


    • 10124

      In reply to Athena:

      I wonder why you do not need a laptop that can do 180 or 360? 

      Even macbooks don't have numpad. People buy them like crazy.

      This notebook has a 1080p (full HD) screen and not a 4K one. 

      I do not see any reason for not buying this notebook.

  2. 8057

    Ouch. Cheap netbook-like flex detected.

  3. 10124

    Any information regarding its availability?