First Ring Daily EP 46: OneDrive For The Billions

Posted on December 6, 2016 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 1 Comment

On this episode of First Ring Daily, it’s impossible to avoid the $26.2 billion figure, Windows 10 gets new features and how Paul and I backup our bits.

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One response to “First Ring Daily EP 46: OneDrive For The Billions”

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    Regarding backup...  This is a never ending but ever changing topic and it's one that I've struggled with for roughly 25 years. 

    There's no point in rehashing old strategies other than to say that the fundamental principals still apply.  First off, there are basically two types of backups.  One type is the incremental file backup which allows you can go back to a prior instance of a file - as a program developer, that is extremely important to me but it's probably the one that is least relevant to this weeks discussion.  A variation of this is the periodic drive image, which allows a drive to be restored to a prior point in time (e.g. after a virus screws the boot drive).

    That brings us to the second type which are backup file copies, which is the main thing being discussed here.  As noted, NAS and external drive prices have come down to the point where it's fairly easy to have 4GB of redundant storage at home.  I have a NAS with two mirrored 2GB drives a 2BG backup USB drive, and a 1GB USB/WiFi drive for media that I can carry with me on trips if I want.  The only thing this doesn't give me is off-site storage for protection from a fire.

    I have a free 30GB OneDrive account but only have about 5GB of important documents on it because these are things that I don't want to risk getting lost.  That leaves me with 25GB free and a the question of what do I really want to use it for.  Part of the issue I have with OneDrive is that regardless of how much storage I have, I have to have a machine locally synced to it.  If I could sync part of my NAS to my OneDrive account, it would be fairly easy to figure out how to use my additional 25GB and I could even see my way clear to paying for a 1TB account. 

    The main problem with OneDrive and Dropbox are that they are tough to use in the same way you would use a NAS or external drive.  IOW, put files there and see them there and use them there without having to pull a copy to your computer.  Sooner or later we will get there (SkyDrive was part way there) but until we do I still feel as if the only real way to accomplish this is have a local computer with a big hard drive that can act as a "storage server".

    If Microsoft really wants to do something new and creative, they need to market a NAS that can sync to OneDrive.  WesternDigital and Seagate are already turning out devices that can sync to their cloud services and some NAS devices can sync to Google Drive (and possibly DropBox but I have yet to see one that will work with OneDrive.