First Ring Daily Live: Hololens Goes Thousands

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 7 Comments

On this live episode¬†of First Ring Daily, Brad is still thinking about airplanes, Paul has some performance, and it’s earnings season.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Hololens Goes Thousands”

  1. 6494

    Are you still going to broadcast live today?


  2. 6494

    I just see two triangles dancing in tandem.

  3. 5767

    Is there any reason for Paul's snarky take on the HoloLens devkit sales? They've sold thousands of them to developers, of course that's a good number. Why the snark Paul, you know this is not the consumer edition yet.

  4. 277

    Without the 1TB free storage, I think there would be a lot fewer consumers on O365.

  5. 5485

    Microsoft announced Hololens in January 2015. I think it is quite clear that the reason was just one ... to be in the tech news. Two years later, there is not still a line of sight about when and how this will come to the public. I bet that it will not be this year ... and ... who knows.

    Some people can shell thousands of dollars for the privilege a year or so later. You know people that find say buying a $2500 PC that easily goes 4 years of use and some more a really expensive experience yet ...

    I find this practice misleading the general public about how advanced is a company technologically ... it looks like propaganda.

    Would it just more ethical, stay quiet, develop it internally, announce it and release in the same day the devkit, 6 months later, release to the public in a robust state? Than iterate?

    There is a company that also pulled this kind of move, Google and its Google glasses.

    Will this be another project Natal but at a much larger scale, Windows 10 scale? Its marketing campaign was fabulous and lead to more than 23 million Kinect units (XBOX scale) ... more than Surface ... For me it was one of the greatest tech blunder of all times.

    The units never worked fundamentally as advertised for instance still and sold a large number of units (In know I know, MS is not very good at advertising, I wonder I many more it would be if they were). I guess that some might consider it the best sale ever considering.  But who cares right?

    How is the Ink going? Doing more and more with it?


    • 5842

      In reply to nbplopes:

      Hololens is incredible. I tried it in Microsoft store and was blown away. I do not think that MS should have kept it quiet. Maybe from marketing perspective everything looks evil, sad and pathetic but technically it is very impressive. I would buy one jut to play with it if it would cost below 1K