Samsung Announces The Galaxy S8 – What The Tech Ep. 349

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 2 Comments

Andrew talks about his experience buying a new 15 inch MacBook Pro. Is the keyboard on the new MacBook Pro the best of any laptop? Samsung announces the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And Microsoft will sell the Galaxy S8 at Microsoft Stores.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Samsung Announces The Galaxy S8 – What The Tech Ep. 349”

  1. nbplopes

    When I bought the Samsung A5 S it came with all a lot of MS apps installed side by side with Samsung apps. One can disable the pre installed apps. but one can't uninstall them

  2. nbplopes

    On another note I don't understand what Paul is complaining. Having a device that does not work properly days or months after buying it its a bummer that is not in question. But after that if one faces bad or average customer service makes it even worst. That is what is valued when one gives 1 or 5 stars rating to customer service.

    For instance. I had a similar problem with my SP3, it just would not start. It was a bummer. I needed I for work, the timing was bad. I called Microsoft, they answered the call promptly. Went to though all the testing process it was required even though I already had done it before ... fine is protocol. They sent a someone to pick it up in the next day ... After 3 or 4 days had a replacement at the door.

    I would give them 5 stars considering consumer customer services such as the ones provided by Samsung. Acer, HP ... so on and so forth. Some they even require you to go to the store you have bought it, leave it there .... etc etc etc. Happened before waiting for 2 or more weeks to get fixed since they would not replace it.

    We don't have either a Microsoft Store or Apple Store in Portugal. But if I had an Apple Store here that provided the service that they gave to Andrew even if I had to wait an hour, or mark an appointment to a specific time on the same or next day ... I would give them more than 5 stars in comparison.

    PS: By the way, my SP3 touch stopped working even though pen input still works. It happened still under two year warranty, just a week before end (who we have here most countries in EU). First is a bummer, second is real bummer. So much so, was really tight for work than and decided not to sent it to repair as 4 days without a PC, plus all the trouble to reconfigure etc etc etc, would be more expensive than live with this particular problem.