ARM Taking Over The World – What The Tech Ep. 476

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 11 Comments

Andrew and Paul discuss John Louis Gassee and the aftermath of Apple’s ARM announcement, laptops with SIM cards, and Andrew’s home automation efforts.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “ARM Taking Over The World – What The Tech Ep. 476”

  1. madthinus

    Good show. THAT TAN! Paul, you need to up your game!

  2. cavalier_eternal

    I had to register just to comment on this. Why is adding a sim to a PC so expensive? It isn’t. Your answer is in the the Qualcomm/Apple pissing match that went on for a few years. Qualcomm’s licensing grants it a percentage of the price of the whole device and none just the modem. This was the Apple’s objection, they didn’t think Qualcomm should get a percent of the overall cost of an iPhone. Why would any P.C. manufacturer agree to paying a percentage of every P.C. they sell to Qualcomm especially when the feature may never be used by a customer? With mobile phones it at least makes sense they need a cellular modem it’s what makes it a cellphone but P.C. Makers giving up revenue for a feature that isn’t integral, it makes no sense.

    • nbplopes

      In reply to cavalier_eternal:

      Well, why not? Apple wants an percentage over the overall service provided by third party app developers even though they mainly service/sells apps on their store One component.. Only recently they created something like “reader” apps ...

      They were arguing monopolistic practices on the part of Qualcomm etc etc etc.

      I guess what is unfair for Apple is fair for others. The expression of Schiller was actually “entitled” to the cut.

      • cavalier_eternal

        In reply to nbplopes:

        I don’t know what that has to do with what I said.

      • toukale

        In reply to nbplopes:

        What a lot of individuals who feels the way you do (I suspects it has a lot to do with how you don't like Apple for some reason than logic) fails to understands or take into account is that Qualcomm agreed license those patents as FRAND term in order to get them to be adopted into the pool. Apple with its appstore have made no such commitment and are therefore free to charge whatever they want. Qualcomm forgo that right (charge whatever they want) in order to get its patent into the pool to be widely adopted. Qualcomm played nice to get them in, then once its patents were adapted wants to hold folks hostage for ransom. If you remember well they (Qualcomm) lost that case.

    • Truffles

      In reply to cavalier_eternal:

      This is a key point. If a computer maker wants 5G they've got to use Qualcom, and Qualcom charge a percentage of the total sale price of the computer. That means that lower priced devices omit the feature because they don't have any margin and high-priced devices omit it because its so expensive compared to just having a "sold separately" dongle solution.

  3. blue77star

    It is an old debate from 80s, RISC vs CISC. Back then it was decided that CISC was better approach. I would not say that ARM is taking over the world, it is overstating. ARM and x86-x64 will coexist in the future targeting different or same type of devices for different purpose. x86-x64 is rather getting efficient in term of power/performance. Look at AMD 7nm process and soon Intel 10nm++. What Apple does makes sense only for Apple, but I do not think it will make any impact on industry. It won't suddenly boost Mac OS market share from couple % to any meaningful double digit number. Also ARM is not cheap by any means.

    I do agree with Paul on data centers. That is main revenue for Intel and that's where Intel needs to compete.

    The host of the show needs a new production machine, I suggest 32/64 cores Threadripper :D

    Intel Lakefield is very interesting CPU from Intel. It has one x86-x64 new generation core accompanied with 5 ARM cores. The biggest problem for it is Windows which needs update in order for CPU scheduling to properly work.

  4. djncanada

    Andrew, are you Cheeto boy?

  5. oasis

    Pavilion x360 14 with 4G LTE for at $699, Just saw this on Neowin. Has Core i5-1035G1 and 8GB of RAM.

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