Inside Clippy – Windows Weekly 599

Posted on December 14, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 3 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss Microsoft’s stunning new plan for Edge, Windows 10 19H1, hardware and mobile news, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Microsoft’s open source stories

Microsoft has some stories to tell. You should read them.

Plus: Want to test the new Edge? The join the Edge Insider Program!

App pick of the week: Office for Mac

Office 365 subscribers get Dark Mode support, more in the latest update

Enterprise pick of the week: Bye, bye Azure Container Service (ACS)

And hello Azure Kontainer Service (aka Kubernetes Container Service)

Codename pick of the week: Spartan

From the vault: Edge – before it was Edge – was codenamed “Spartan.” And when we first heard about Spartan in early 2014, we actually thought it was a refreshed version of IE.

Beer pick of the week: Brooklyn Black Ops

Speaking of Black Ops 4, Brooklyn Brewing makes a fantastic Russian Imperial Stout they call Brooklyn Black Ops. Bourbon-barrel aged goodness. The older vintages are still delicious (I just had the 2012 this past weekend) and the 2018 is out already this year. Excellent holiday beer.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Inside Clippy – Windows Weekly 599”

  1. Bats

    Welcome to the Bats' "See I told you so" victory lap for the 2nd straight week in a row.

    It's the 2nd straight week, because I keep hearing the stuff that I said for the past couple of year come to fruition ever since the Edge to Chromium decision was made public. Let's review, shall we?

    Did I not say the future of computing was the web? LOL...I remember several years ago, back in Thurrot's "Scroogled" campaign, when Paul Thurrott ridiculed Chromebooks and Google DOCS. He laughed it off by stating a "word processor in a browser!" The Winsupersite people were laughing with him. TODAY on the latest Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte echo'd what I said.....THE BROWSER IS A PLATFORM. Did I not say this?  Did I not say this? The reason why I was able to say this is because, I am out there in the real world using real computers. I have people come to me frequently wanting to show me web technologies. LOL...this is how I know Windows' days are done. There is no need for a full OS. The real OS is the web. When the battle is on the web, Microsoft is not coming a from a position of strength. 

    See I told you so.

    Second, remember I said that Microsoft needs a brand new OS and call it something other than Windows? a-hem......

    See I told you so (or will tell you so).

    You know one of the reasons why Paul Thurrott constantly fails with correctly analyzing situations? LOL...I think he believes....what he be true. If you don't undertstand what I am saying, look at "Windows Lite." Thurrott was speculating why a Windows Lite, then he went on to create a (verbal) scenario where IT people went to Microsoft and said, "Hey look .. we need something like a Chromebook, but for Windows, because we trust Microsoft and we like the way how things are working." OMG.....when I heard that in the car, I almost pee'd in my pants. Look, I am lawyer for a global law firm, with an IT staff inhouse and 24-7 one in India. Not just that, but I have colleagues and friendly adversaries who also have IT staff. In the words of former President the late George H.W. Bush, "READ MY LIPS.....NO ONE TRUSTS MICROSOFT."

    Paul Thurrott, all of a suddent is in favor of OPEN SOURCE? this point when I heard that I went speeding down the highway, because I really had to go to the bathroom. Paul Thurrott wears Microsoft in his sleeve. This is the guy, who made fun of open sources and Linux during Windows Weekly podcasts. This is a guy who promotes Office 365 and poo-poo's LibreOffice, but.......uses another program to write articles. LOL....HUH?

    Also, how could this browser thing be credited to Satya Nadella? Microsoft Edge was created UNDER HIS WATCH!

    Also, remember when Thurrott said that Microsoft was leading the way with PWA's? LOL....yeah, but no one was following. It's like MSFT and GOOGLE were paving the way for PWAs. MSFT was 50 years ahead of Google, with no developers behind them. 

    Thurrott is a very peculiar writer. Last week in the Meagan Marrone WW podcast, he even said he uses certain words differently to make a some sentences sound bad. With all that intent in his words, I don't think I believe him that he's so happy and thrilled about Microsoft's latest moves in order for them to catch up to Google. After all, when someone invests his heart and sould, as he claimed he and Mary Jo has, to see Microsoft make concessions in order to not lose to Google again, must be devastating. 

    Oh well, that's life. 

    Hey maybe I should start thread called "Ask Bats....." They can classify it as Premium!  

    -Bats Out.

  2. cadrethree

    I don't get the adulation Nadella is getting, he led Microsoft into and is directly responsible for Microsoft's swift decline. He reminds me of an old huckster that cuts the costs, pumps profits and stock prices while hollowing out the core and muscle of the company. Decades later they end up being sold off. Three things I see that he did. Killed the phone division, no matter your market share that gives you traction in Windows and Azure. Besides the entire world moving over that form factor as their daily computing device. Once consumers move out of your ecosystem, they are gone for good. The weird decision that it's all or nothing with Azure. It's such an arbitrary and unnecessary decision that you can only have Azure or Windows, not both. What? So throw out your Windows users, deemphasis then, and hide it in some back alley? Why not grow them both at the same time? Say what you want about Ballmer, I got his love and passion for Microsoft. Seemed proud to a be Microsoft guy, these guy running them now seemed embarrassed to be a Microsoft and Windows company. And if you want loyalty from consumers try sticking with a product for years instead of killing it straight away. Why invest in anything Microsoft when it's going to be gone next business year. All I hear about their software from tech sites now is the bad quality of their software. Why is that? Microsoft needs a little of that old attitude and swagger back instead of bending over backwards to please everyone. Those are the worst managers, cause when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

  3. richardfenoglio

    Fun fact, I tried "Cortana play Windows Weekly podcast", and my Invoke opened it in on TuneIn. So there's yet another user-verified way to listen :)