A Low Volume Jig – Windows Weekly 603

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 1 Comment

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the Microsoft giveaway, privacy, CES, Windows 10, and much more!

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Choose the right digital assistant

Thanks to differences between the market for ambient computing and previous personal computing platforms like PCs and phones, there’s a lot less stress this time around. Heterogeneous computing is finally winning. And that means it’s a lot easier to pick a digital assistant. And fewer problems if your choice doesn’t pan out.

App pick of the week: Firefox ARM64 for Windows 10 on ARM

For the six people in the audience using a Qualcomm-powered PC, here’s your next peek at the future.

Also: Microsoft Edge for iOS picks up PIP support and OneDrive for Mac picks up Files on Demand support

Enterprise pick of the week: Teams gets more firstline worker features

My crystal ball was beaming this week. Firsline worker features, including location-sharing, a smart camera and secure messaging capabilities, are coming to Teams.

Buzzword pick of the week: “Partner”

It’s time again to remind folks that Microsoft is calling customers “partners,” these days. So “partnerships,” like the largely misunderstood MS-Kroger one this week, are customer wins, not Microsoft’s plan to take on Amazon. Ditto the Microsoft-LGE one around self-driving cars.

Beer pick of the week: Firestone Walker Propagator Generation 1

As Azure Stack users know, hybrid computing is a thing. So is a hybrid IPA, thanks to Firestone Walker. They’ve made an IPA that takes the best flavors of East Coast IPAs and best flavors of West Coast IPAs in a single beer called Firestone Walker Propagator.


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Comments (1)

One response to “A Low Volume Jig – Windows Weekly 603”

  1. digitaldarragh

    I thought Paul's rant relating to accessibility today was very misled, damaging and uninformed. I'm not one for launching counter rants. I don't find them of any use but I really wwanted to set the record straight. From the perspective of someone who is a system administrator with over 15 years experience and who is also blind. The podcast is here. But note, I rarely record podcasts so this should sound fine but there are no bells and whistles. I can't paste the link here so look under digitaldarragh dot com.