It’s All About Windows 7 – Windows Weekly 616

Posted on April 12, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Megan Morrone, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the Edge Insider Preview, Windows 10 versions 19H1 and 20H1, and much, much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: How to transition to the new Edge

I’m writing a series for users coming to the new Edge from the old Edge or other browsers. So Far, I’ve written Getting Started, Sync, Media Auto-Play, Extensions, and Favorites.

App pick of the week: Microsoft Launcher 5.3

I’ve recommended this before, but version 5.3 adds an awesome new clock/weather widget

Also: The new Edge, obviously. It’s ready for anyone listening to this podcast

Enterprise pick No. 1 of the week: PowerShell 7.0

PowerShell drops the “Core” part of its name, but aligns with the .NET Core release schedule moving forward.

Enterprise pick No. 2 of the week: RIP HealthVault

Ten years ago, Microsoft made a bet that it could help solve patient records management. This year, it’s finally throwing in the towel on HealthVault.

Beer pick of the week: Bell’s Oberon Ale

It’s almost summer! (c’mon, it is! It was 78 in nyc on Monday!) A beer meant to signify the start of the summer season is Bell’s Oberon Ale. It’s a wheat beer with “the color and scent of sunny afternoon,” according to Bells, which is based in Comstock, Mich. It even works with a slice of orange (if you’re not opposed to that kind of thing).


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Comments (2)

2 responses to “It’s All About Windows 7 – Windows Weekly 616”

  1. infloop

    Paul, did you know you used the description, Windows as a Disservice, yourself? :)

  2. Informed

    Paul, in the 26 minute mark you raised the issue of how Microsoft is putting an onus on the user to remember to go every week to defer updates for 7 days. From what the discussion it sounded like instead of surfacing a popup prompt to users as to whether to restart now or postpone, Microsoft would automatically restart and install updates if the user doesn't take proactive action every 7 days to manually navigate to Update and defer. Is it the case that there won't be popup prompts every 7 days like the popups that surface near the taskbar in Windows 7?

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