Super Duper Secure Mode – Windows Weekly 737

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the evolving world of Windows 11 apps, Microsoft’s foldable apps on mobile, Xbox, and much more.

Note: My microphone quality is terrible, sorry, because I’m traveling this week.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Run Windows 11 on your Mac

Parallels Desktop is the best way to run Windows on your Mac thanks to Coherence mode. And now you can run Windows 11! Plus, why this solution’s reliance on Windows on ARM may not be/is not an issue.

App pick of the week: Start11

Hate the Windows 11 Start menu? You’re not alone. But now you can fix it!

Plus: Firefox 91 adds SSO support for Microsoft accounts (consumer and commercial).

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server Summit

The moment Windows Server fans have been waiting for is finally almost here. Microsoft’s holding a virtual Windows Server Summit on Sept. 16 where it will provide what it says is the first in-depth look at Windows Server 2022.

Enterprise pick 2 of the week: Peer5

Microsoft just acquired Peer5 this week to improve its video streaming in Teams. In case you forgot, Microsoft is redoing its Stream video service so that it uses SharePoint and OneDrive for Business for storing video. This process is basically complete now and Microsoft is in the final stages of implementation of the new storage backend for Stream.

Beer pick of the week: Untitled Arts Non-Alcoholic Italian Pilsner

So, I don’t drink many NA beers, but I like to try them periodically to have something to recommend for folks who need/want NA beverages. This beer, NA Italian Pilsner, is something to counteract all the crazy heavy weird beers I’ve been drinking lately. Untitled Arts, based in Waunakee, WI, makes a bunch of NA beers and this one is getting some very good reviews.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Super Duper Secure Mode – Windows Weekly 737”

  1. justme

    Music and coding...had to laugh, as it reminds me of a funny story from back in the day. Back when I was a developer, we used to have a room with approximately 24 Sun terminals. This particular day was busy, so I uncharacteristically plugged in my headphones so I could drown out the ambient noise as I was working a problem. The song I had playing was Bravado, off of Rush's Roll The Bones. Any Rush fan will tell you, most people who enjoy their music will occasionally "air drum". You can see where this is some point, I noticed it had gotten *really* quiet in the terminal room. I looked up and saw a crowd behind me - who laughed and clapped when I looked up. Apparently, I had been tapping a pencil and my feet to the beat as well as "air drumming" cymbal crashes. I had no idea, but from that point I stopped listening to music when coding.

  2. timo47

    I think you're wrong about the W11 Snipping Tool: this looks like Snip & Sketch to me, only renamed and with the initial screen refreshed and modified to resemble the layout of the old Snipping Tool.

    It's more obvious after you take a screenshot and the additional features for cropping, writing etc. become visible. In that mode it clearly resembles S&S and not the old ST.