Panos Paint – Windows Weekly 739

Posted on August 26, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss a Microsoft 365 price hike, a Power Apps portals misconfiguration, Windows 11, Xbox, and lots more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Get to know your Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts

There are some new and different shortcuts in Windows 11.

App pick of the week: Quake for Xbox

The Xbox version of Quake is a delight and it delivers an incredible amount of content. And it’s just $9.99.

Plus: Momentum New Tab browser add-on

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server 2022 is here!

Lucky we found it since Microsoft hasn’t said almost anything about it so far. A very odd “launch”

Codename pick of the week: Pinebrook

Xbox console cloud gaming had/has a codename, according to the Xbox fairies. That codename is Pinebrook. MJF doing a gaming codename pick?? What has this world come to????

Beer pick of the week: Beer’d Brewing Dogs and Boats

Are you someone who chooses your beers and wines by the label/name? If so, how can you NOT want a beer called Dogs and Boats? It’s as nice as the name would have you believe.. A very tasty west-coast style DIPA from Beer’d in Stonington, Conn. Citra and Mosaic hops and big 9.1%. And if you’re looking for a cat-themed DIPA… there’s something for you, too (Finback Cat Hand)

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Panos Paint – Windows Weekly 739”

  1. mcerdas

    Being a huge Foundation fan, I was absolutely delighted by the Hari Seldon reference. Thanks!

  2. boltupright

    @26 min into the video:

    IMO, when it takes Microsoft experts 15 min to explain the 3 versions of Office online, something is amiss in MS's marketing dept....