Chimpclamp – Windows Weekly 741

Posted on September 9, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 1 Comment

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss changes to the Windows 11 Dev channel, a dumb Windows 11 problem, Clipchamp, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Use EdgeDeflector to Enforce Your Browser Choice in Windows 11

Controversially, Microsoft is making it much harder to change your default browser in Windows 11, but there are even deeper problems. You can fix them wlith this utility (and a bit of know-how).

App pick of the week: YouTube Music

I don’t understand the hate. YouTube Music is the best music service there is, you know, if you actually care about music.

Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft moves the Federal team under Azure

Will bringing the two together bring security and reliability benefits across Microsoft’s cloud portfolio? That’s the hope behind the latest Microsoft reorg.

Enterprise pick 2 of the week: Defender for Endpoint Plan 1

Microsoft adds a new Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This is a subset of the features that is in the current P1 (which is being renamed to Defender for Endpoint Plan 2). It will be at a lower cost point and include antimalware, attack surface reduction features and device-based conditional access.

Beer pick of the week: Zero Gravity Oktoberfest

It’s that time of the year, folks. Time for some excellent fall beers. This Zero Gravity Oktoberfest is a great example of the Marzen style – but from Vermont, not Germany. This is a lager style beer that often is served at Oktoberfest in Germany. Malty, usually an amberish color, typically brewed in March and lagered over the summer.


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Comments (1)

One response to “Chimpclamp – Windows Weekly 741”

  1. dirtyvu

    To be fair with regards to Microsoft News or Start or whatever, it is adaptive. You can configure and based on usage, it does tailor to what you really want. You just have to use it long enough. I'll use another example to demonstrate. My experience with Android was with Samsung phones so I used Samsung's keyboard and had no issues. My first experience with a stock Android phone was the Surface Duo which came with Microsoft SwiftKey. Now overall, I'm fine with SwiftKey especially after using it for awhile and letting that software learn my swiping/typing habits. I'm mostly a swiper. But on occasion, it's really frustrated me. I heard great things about GBoard and people said it was so much better and accurate. So I was willing to give it a try. But when I first tried GBoard, it was so awful in accuracy. Words that were easy in SwiftKey had so many problems for me in GBoard. But people kept saying how great GBoard was. It dawned on me that Gboard had learned their typing habits and was rock solid for them. So I decided to stick it out and Gboard did get much better for me as well. But it took quite some time. I'm thinking the same thing is happening with Google News versus Microsoft News. People have been using Google News so long that it's tailored to them. But like you said in the video, you just pop in and see some article about a bikini star. If you just pop in, you will never get the kind of feed that you desire. I've been using Microsoft News for awhile and it's very good at feeding me the news I want (mostly politics and sports, but also entertainment).