The Good Kind of Asterisk – Windows Weekly 748

Posted on October 28, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 3 Comments

Mikah Sargent, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss Microsoft’s earnings, Android apps on Windows 11, new builds, dev controversies, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Travel tech

You can tell it’s been a while. When you start traveling again, don’t make the mistakes I’ve made.

App pick of the week: Stardock Fences 4

Stardock Fences 4 will add support for Windows 11

Enterprise pick of the week: Clear Software

Microsoft wants to make integration between its Power Platform tools and third-party software as seamless as it is with its own software and services. That’s why it bought Clear Software.

Codename pick of the week: Project Zerix

Sustainability is the word. And even PCBs and building materials can get the zero-carbon treatment. Project Zerix is yet more Microsoft research into reducing its carbon footprint.

Beer pick of the week: Citizen Cider Wit’s Cider

Wit’s Up is a classic cider maker’s cider. It starts like an ale and finishes like a very dry cider. 6.5%. maybe good with candy corn, though I couldn’t really say for sure ? It’s from Citizen Cider in Burlington, VT. And you can find it in cans.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “The Good Kind of Asterisk – Windows Weekly 748”

  1. chriscarstens

    Kinda sad, listening to this.

    I listen to Micah and his Brit pal, Rosemary, do their enthusiastic Rah Rah Apple cheerleading on “iOS Today”, and then sense his enjoyment as Paul and Mary Jo complain about what crap Microsoft puts out for two running hours. Too ironic. Maybe Leo should get somebody else to sit in?

    • nolanm5150

      Isn't it ironic... We hear what want to hear... As fan Boys collide... Are we comparing Apples & oranges now? We all know Apple can do no harm and Msft is the bumbling and crumbling empire, right? ?

  2. unfalln

    There has recently been a push at my workplace to incorporate principles of CI/CD into our product release cycle. Some of these principles have had a positive effect on how we develop our products and I have been investigating other aspects for their merits. In particular, the Continuous Development idea of Trunk-based Workflows has been intriguing, if only because it has the potential to have a rather negative impact on the outgoing quality if not administered correctly.

    I mention this because I have been listening to the this episodeand it has struck me as interesting to relate the news items in the podcast with the problems that could be caused by trunk-based workflows. Any time Paul feels the need to rant, it feels like it's about something that was caused by developers adding all the code to the core branch of the product and switching it off with a feature flag. I wasn't much of a proponent of this style, but I was prepared to consider it given the championing by large companies such as Microsoft, but the continued trip-ups I'm hearing about from the podcast over recent years only cement with me that this is not a positive step for the industry.

    I type this knowing I'm not an evangelist, leader or influencer in this field and would like to to be convinced I'm imagining things or that my fears are reflected among my peers here.